10 Miscellaneous Cataclysm Changes

We already spoke about most of the new things and the changes that Cataclysm will bring. We talked about the UI Changes and Modifications, Cataclysm Quests and Class Specific Changes. Well, there were much more articles about the changes, but I think these three are closer to what we plan on blabbering about in this episode…

We decided to name this Miscellaneous Cataclysm Changes because not everything that we will present here can be added to a single category… So here we go:

[h]1. Return to Graveyard Button[/h]

This button will appear when you die and it will hep you if you get lost or stuck while searching for your corpse. I think the players who take the first steps into the lands of Azeroth will be very happy about this addition.

[h]2. Built-in Power Auras[/h]

Most of you I think already know what Power Auras addon is about (if not, check it on curse or wowinterface). All classes will be able to see when their talent(s) procs without checking always the buff list or installing any third party addon. For the moment there is no way on setting these things up. There are no options for these “textures” anywhere in game. For the moment nothing was announced, as far as I know, but it is possible that only by using an addon you'll be able to set these up or maybe by adding some proc auras for your trinkets or something.

Here is how some of these Procs look like:

tn_gallery_2_3_596.jpg tn_gallery_2_3_16795.jpg tn_gallery_2_3_33882.jpg
[h]3. Portal Hubs removed[/h]

HS to Dalaran or Shattrath, choose a portal and be on your way. A lot of you are doing this, but Cataclysm will not allow it anymore. Blizzard want people to focus on the old continent and use the old travel routes.

The good thing about this change is that Dalaran and Shattrath will get Class Trainers and Auction Houses.

But don't worry, you'll have a bunch of portals in Stormwind/Orgrimmar too. Have a look:

[h]4. Dual Spec Price Reduced[/h]

Level 40. Buying the secondary spec. Charged – 1k gold. Well, this will change too. Everyone who wants to buy the secondary spec can do it with 100g. Of course, after Cataclysm goes live.

[h]5. Riding Skills[/h]

There is a new Flying skill introduced to allow you to fly at 310% speed even if you don't have a mount to allow you this. It's just another 5k gold. But remember that you'll need 250 gold to be able to fly over Azeroth.

Oh, and Cold Weather Flying is now only 500g.


The image was taken while Friendly with SW.

That's why there are some discounts.

[h]6. Dungeon Finder Tool changes[/h]

Two notable changes took place here. To able able to enter Cataclysm Dungeons first:

  • You have to discover its entrance
  • You have to meet the iLevel average requirements.
tn_gallery_2_3_31875.jpg tn_gallery_2_3_7743.jpg
[h]7. Quest Log with Pictures[/h]

Well, stupid title, I know… But now, when you'll have to kill Hogger (long live Hogger!) you will actually see it's 3D model when you check your quest log. Not all the quests will show you this, but some of them will.

[h]8. The Red Quest Mark[/h]

The Exclamation marks, Yellow for a normal quest, Blue for a repeatable/daily one, Green for the Flight Masters and Red… yes, Red, we will have Red Exclamation Marks now. These will show up on aggressive mobs and will be pointing you towards killing them to obtain a quest.

[h]9. Quest Mob?[/h]

A new icon was added to the Unit Frames. Seems like some mobs that you need for quests are marked with that icon. I haven't figure it out what mobs are marked and what mobs are not. But hey, is nice to remind about this in this list…

[h]10. Hero's Call Boards[/h]

Whenever you are lost and you have no idea where to start questing next, you should go to Stormwind/Orgrimmar and check the Hero's Call Board. There some quests will send you to areas suitable to your level.


Have I forget anything? What else did you noticed while playing Cataclysm Beta and we haven't mention about?

Beside this, what would YOU add to the game if you'd be in charge?

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  • Neirin

    For Number 9, I can shed a little more light on that. I spent some time investigating those “exclamation mark mobs” out of my own curiosity. It appears that Blizzard has added that to all mobs that cannot be attacked or killed unless you have the appropriate quest. There are dozens and dozens of them around.

    One example is if you do the Deepholm daily to collect the “Ruby Clusters,” I think they were called. When you go into the crumbling depths, you'll see them at the end of some of the tunnels, with this marker on their portrait. You can only interact with them if you have the quest.

    Another is in Hillsbrad Foothills, in Durnholde Keep. There are a set of four elemental “bosses” that are all marked this way, and I haven't been able to attack them (though there also aren't any Alliance quests I know of there now, so it may be for a Horde-only quest)

  • psilorder

    hmm, i'd possibly make it so either vendors sold teleport/portal scrolls so everybody could do it or that mages/inscribers could put it on vellum and evreybody could use it.

    see no reason to keep it to only mages. then again could be that i just want to use it on my non-mage.