20 Amazing WoW Themed Pumpkin Carvings


Even though I never celebrated Halloween I always loved the idea behind it. I like all those costumes, trick-or-treating, spooky house decorations and of course the pumpkin carvings.

Since Blizzard held a pumpkin carving contest every year, and soon we will see this year winners as well, we collected 20 World of Warcraft themed pumpkin carvings that we considered to be really amazing. Some of these pumpkins were made for Blizzard old contests and some of them.. well, just for fun I guess.

But before you jump into the gallery we would like to show us your own carvings. Do you have any? Maybe you have some friends with some interesting pumpkins?

tn_gallery_2_24_15344.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_30054.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_22233.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_59370.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_75324.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_61848.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_44012.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_2919.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_18773.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_26136.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_2911.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_110324.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_600545.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_29842.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_108213.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_23554.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_84663.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_61636.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_84640.jpg tn_gallery_2_24_154857.jpg

I also have a question for you: What would you like to see carved on a pumpkin? I mean something from World of Warcraft universe of course.

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  • Magisteri

    That`s some bad-ass lookin pumpkins!

    THe first picture is deffo the best one ; D

  • Goht

    that illidan one increadible!

  • Zaknafein

    I kinda got hungry for pumpkin pie 😛

  • menos

    The infernal one is amazing. I wish i'd have such a talent.