Online Credit Deposit Slots And Ways To Win

Online Credit Deposit Slots And Ways To Win
Online slot deposit gambling gambling is a popular game, you will want a victory. Indeed, all players will want a victory, they will do everything that will make the game produce a victory, and to open up opportunities you must learn first.
Knowing how to play and the rules of play are things that all players need to do if they want to get a win. But before that you have to choose the best gambling site, why is this important because if you don’t play on the best gambling site then you will be exposed to fraud and victory will only be a dream.
To find the best site you must first understand the rules or ways to choose the best site. See if there are a lot of players playing there. Then choose a site that has a license or support from an official bank. Then the official website indicator is if the service is the best and friendly.
After having the best site you can start by studying, studying at the best site is actually not too difficult. This happens because the best sites will provide you with information about the world of online slot gambling so you don’t have to bother looking for material to study. Besides learning you also have to play often

Easy Ways to Play Slot Games
Surely you do not know if in the past when this new game appeared is functioning for mere entertainment. Only then is this online slot deposit gambling gambling game played to gamble and make a profit in it. When first appeared this type of gambling enthusiasts had a lot and continues to grow every day.
This game is also growing rapidly, just like other types of gambling. Slot gambling can also be played using mobile media, with this progress you can play slot gambling anywhere and anytime. And the chances of victory will be wider because the players can learn quickly and whenever they want.
To be able to play it, you must register on the best gambling site first, the way is to choose the best gambling site with the characteristics of having many players and still actively playing. Then look for sites that have friendliness in providing various information to the players.
If you have found the site then you must register first. The registration process is also quite easy, first follow the instructions from the site admin. If you are told to fill in from then fill it correctly and correctly, don’t get it wrong because this will determine the game you will do going forward.
When you have registered yourself on the best gambling site, the next step is to play, playing slots is very easy. You are only told to combine certain images or symbols, if successful then you will get a victory, but must be patient and keep playing so you can open up chances of winning.

Slot Game Strategy
Although online slot gambling slot deposit games are a type of gambling game that relies on luck, there is nothing wrong and it is even better if you use a slot gambling gambling strategy. With the best strategy, you will get prizes and winnings that are increasingly wide open.
The best strategy to be able to win in playing slot gambling is to process your playing budget as well as possible. So every online gambling game will definitely need a budget to play it, and this requires that the player is smart in processing the playing budget for these bets, otherwise you will definitely lose.
Then in playing slot gambling you must be able to hold emotions if you have not gotten a victory. You have to be patient, with patience it will be able to open up opportunities to win, besides that learn the combination of symbols in this slot game. By learning it you will be able to win with high wins.
Those are some things you must do when playing slot gambling, you must choose the best gambling site first. Also must prepare the best strategy, especially good at playing capital and the last is to want to study hard. If all of that has been fulfilled then you can play as many credit online deposit slots as you want.

The Strongest Character in World of Warcraft

The Strongest Character in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a massive multiplayer online role-play released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004, this game is commonly called WOW, this game is the fourth game in the world of Warcraft, with the first game of the Warcraft series being introduced, namely Warcraft Orcs & Humans in 1994 , This game was released on November 23, 2004, this game is the biggest MMORPG game in the world

In the world of World of Warcraft filled with strong characters. Spinning about fantasy about creation and war between nations, the characters in the world of World of Warcraft save their strengths. Magic, and the powerful sciences in this world are so interesting and every aspect in it always keeps a deep story

Here are some of the strongest characters in World of Warcraft


The betrayed Titan is the main antagonist in the world of World of Warcraft, in the game told as an elected titan who led the army to eradicate the attacks of the gods of darkness, Sargeras turned instead and wanted to destroy the universe from darkness and light. He formed a destructive force, The Burning Legion which aims only to destroy every planet and existing star

Sargeras became the strongest character in the world of World of Warcraft, he has the title Champion of the Pantheon or the strongest knight in the circle of the titan. When burned by the fire of hatred, the skin of Sargeras’s titan turned into melted metal and his blood became the hottest magma in the universe. Even though Sargeras had been defeated and his body destroyed, his spirit still roamed and had possessed Medivh, a Guardian of Azeroth


Another Titan that is considered very strong is Aman ‘thul who has the title of Highfather of The Pantheon. He is the ‘father’ for Titan and perhaps the universe in the world of World of Warcraft. He said, Aman’thul was the first titan to wake up when the universe was created. He then ventured in a dark universe and began lighting up stars one by one to illuminate the universe.

Besides having the power to create, it turns out that Aman’thul also has a cosmic power where he can maintain the space and time in the universe. Because of his strength, when Sargeras attacked the Pantheon, he could not easily kill Aman’thul and some titans who sat on the Pantheon so he could only confine Aman’thul and his brother with the help of Argus The Unmaker


Cenarius is a demigod from Azeroth. He taught the science of druidism to several Night Elves, including Malfurion and Illidan Stormrage. She is the daughter of Elune, who is the moon goddess and was given the title as “heart of the land”.

During the second war when the Orc race sailed to Kalimdor, Cenarius was defeated by an Orc knight, Grom Hellscream who was then drinking the blood of the demon Mannoroth, with the help of darkness Grom was able to defeat a demigod to first destroy the sacred forest which made Cenarius weak and physically injured. Even though cenarius has been considered dead, it turns out that the spirit of Cenarius still preserves the sacred forest and the green Dragon, Ysera who saves aims to live in the dream world of Emerald Dream, Cenarius still preserves the dreamland and becomes a manifestation of the natural balance in Azeroth..


In the history of Azeroth, just before the first major Warcraft War, Burning Legion had invaded Azeroth through a great war story called “War of the Ancients”. This war arose because at that time the Night Elves, led by a queen named Azshara, were consumed by the temptations of sorcery offered by Sargeras. “Well of Eternity” is the magic in Azeroth which at that time was centered in the fountain of eternity in the middle of Kalimdor. Sargeras intends to master this and approach Azshara to open the portal so that Burning Legion can enter Azeroth.

Because of his knowledge of witchcraft and the use of eternity springs, Azshara is considered to be the strongest creature in the world of World of Warcraft, the eternity springs also destroyed by the destruction of the large portal which was the entrance of the demons when the War of the Ancient ended, so great was the explosion , at this time Azeroth is divided into two continents and small islands whose origins are vast lands, the Center of the explosion is now an eternal whirlpool called Maelstorm. Azshara was saved by the god of darkness in Azeroth and now he inhabits the underwater city of Nazjatar in the center of Maelstorm

Everything we know about the Demon Hunter class

As you know already, yesterday Blizzard announced the next expansion, the World of Warcraft: Legion.

One of the main features of it, and a long requested one, is the new Hero class, the Demon Hunter. In this article I’ll collected everything we know so far about this new class. All the details came from the Gamescom presentation, official website and from the Icy Veins interview. By the end of this weekend more details should be available and I’ll try to update this article as fast as possible.

I begun with the details about the new class, because at the presentation, the public was, in my opinion, the most impressed by it compared to the other features. Keep in mind that I’ll try to synthesize as much as possible to avoid the wall of texts that most of you do not like.

General details about Demon Hunters

  • It is a Hero class, like Death Knights, and that means you wont start at level 1. Is still unsure if we’ll start at level 95 or 100.
  • When you start playing a Demon Hunter you’ll learn about their kin, the Illidari, and will learn your skills step by step. Similar to Death Knights.
  • The class will use one new weapon type – the Glaives. They will come in pairs, using both slots.
  • As for the armor, the demon hunters can only use cloth and leather.
  • This class will only have two specs: Havoc (as melee DPS) and Vengeance (for tanking).
  • The only race that can become a Demon Hunter is the elves (it fits the lore perfectly). Of course, Night and Blood Elves so both Alliance and Horde can use them.
  • Update It is possible to see more races as Demon Hunters in future expansions, but not in Legion.
  • The customization will include horns, tattoos, eyes wear, and scars. The armor will keep your muscles and tattoos visible more or less.
  • Update The tattoos are for demon hunters only.
  • Update A new character slot will be added as well, so everyone who has their 11 slots filled can play a Demon Hunter in Legion expansion.
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  • It’s still unknown if you need to met some requirements to be able to start playing a Demon Hunter.

Abilities and skills

You’ll generate and use demonic fury for your abilities. For the moment it doesn’t seems to be any other consumable resource.

  • Metamorphosis is your demonic form. This will increase your power, but I’m sure it will come as a price or as a cooldown.
  • Spectral Sight allows you to see through walls (cheater!).
  • Unrivaled Mobility gives you double jump (mario style). Will be interesting to see what this skill can be used for.
  • See the below image for more abilities preview.

 A bit of Lore

Demon hunters, disciples of Illidan Stormrage, uphold a dark legacy, one that frightens their allies and enemies like. The Illidari embrace fel and chaotic magics—energies that have long threatened the world of Azeroth—believing them necessary to challenge the Burning Legion. Wielding the powers of demons they’ve slain, they develop demonic features that incite revulsion and dread in fellow elves.

Demon hunters ritually blind themselves in exchange for spectral sight that enables them to better sense their prey. This enhanced awareness, together with their great agility and magical prowess, makes demon hunters unpredictable adversaries. An Illidari’s quarry has much to fear.


This is the second Hero Class introduced to the game and, like I said before, it was a long awaited class. During these years Demon Hunter was the most requsted class and finally is here.

Even if all the information above came from and official source, I’m pretty sure we’ll see a lot of changes and ther is still a lot we don;t know about this new class. Even so, especially for a warlock player like me, this class looks pretty awesome so far.

Legion Map Improvements and World Quests

The endgame in Legion will be a bit different and if you are playing Diablo 3 these additions will seem pretty familiar to you.

From now on you won’t have to go to a specific hub to get your daily quests. You just open your map and see what’s available for you.  All the map changes are going to be available and visible when you hit level 110. Even with these changes, things will still become repetitive, but at least, after all these years, is something different when it comes to your daily routine. When I first hit level 110 and I saw the map I considered everything to be really overwhelming, but everything seems cool, at least at the beginning.

The reset time on these world quests varies. The Raid World Bosses reset weekly, most of them reset daily, but some of them reset after a few hours. I still don’t know the exact pattern and I guess we should’t worry about this yet.

The rewards are somehow random and you can get honor, gold, crafting materials, Class Hall resources, Artifact Power, class specific items, reputation, followers items, and battle stones. Maybe we’ll get more items. Maybe we’ll see some pets or mounts (why not?) in the future or when Legion goes live.

These are the new map symbols that were added to the game. Well, I know some of them are not really new, but I guess we can mention them here.

  • Crossed Swords – This is a world PvP objective
    • Are not required to complete the Emissary quests. You can completely avoid them if you aren’t interested.
  • Profession symbols – this quest is soloable but you need to use your profession(s)
  • Paw mark – this quest involves pet battles
  • Normal “!” mark – is a normal soloable quest
  • Normal “!” mark with a dragon border – a normal quest that requires a 2-3 people to complete
  • Blue “!” mark with a dragon border – rare elite mob that requires a group
  • Purple “!” mark with a dragon border – a world boss; raid needed
  • Blue skull mark with dragon border – dungeon quest; group needed
  • Class mark – marks the portal to your Class Hall
  • Blue/Green swirls – mark a dungeon/raid entrance

I intentionally avoided the flight master symbols, normal quests and normal completed quests, repeatable quests and so on. Those are really old and I guess all the players are used to them by now.

The Emissary Quests

Every day the Legion factions will ask you to complete a few quests for them. Those quests are specific to the area where that faction members reside.

You’ll have to complete 4 quests to complete an emissary request and if you have a battle pet team and all the professions you’ll have around 6-8 options available from which you have to complete only 4. The PvP quests are not included in the emissary selection, at least that’s how it was in Alpha.

Each Emissary quest will be available for three days. If you forgot to log in yesterday, that emissary quest will be available for two more days, and you’ll also have a new one. You can have up to three Emissary quests active at once.

The rewards for completing the Emissary Quests are reputation (obviously) and a box of loot. These boxes currently contain only Artifact power and Order Hall resources at the moment.

There are still a lot of things to be added to the game. Keep in mind that this article is based on Alpha/Beta content.

What do you think about these changes? Do you like the old quest hubs and quests more?

Warcraft Movie Review – Personal Thoughts

Yes, this is yet another review for the Warcraft movie and I’m pretty sure you read and saw a lot of these lately. Honestly, I never wrote a movie review and I’m pretty sure I’m going to write another one anytime soon, but who knows. I’ll try to keep things simple and short.

Small disclaimer

I’m starting this article with a little disclaimer so everyone should know what to expect right from the beginning. First things first: I’ll avoid any spoilers, so even if you didn’t see the movie yet you can read ahead.

Like I said, I’m not a movie reviews writer and actually I’m very picky when it comes to any movies whatsoever. Beside this, you should know that this comes from a World of Warcraft fan who played the Warcraft games and World of Warcraft and also read most of the books related to Warcraft lore. Also, I’m one of those who waited for this movie since… forever basically.

When it comes to movies made after games, books, or some animated series, I always expect to be disappointed. Just look at the Dragonball or Eragon movies. Those were a real disappointment for me, unfortunately. That’s what I expected from this movie as well, to be honest, but I’m happy I was wrong about it.

Warcraft personal review and thoughts

Even if there are a lot of reviews saying that Warcraft movie is just another bad movie made after a game, I honestly disagree. I really enjoyed the movie, but I guess everyone expected this from a Warcraft fan. I was happy to see that my wife enjoyed it as well and also everyone in my office who saw it. I’d like to mention that none of these people are Warcraft fans and I don’t think any of them played any of the games.

It’s interesting how a lot of people just join the hate group because of reasons. These days is so cool to hate things like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Apple, Windows, DotA, Overwatch, and Metallica… just because. If you don’t hate something and really express yourself you are not cool enough… But let’s not join those people and analyze things like a normal rational human would do.

I agree that Warcraft movie is not the best movie of all times and it will never be. I love fantasy movies, I enjoyed LotR, Hobbit, and GoT and I consider them of the best movies of the genre, but somehow Warcraft isn’t there. Even so there are some pros and some cons if you want to compare them with other fantasy movies:


  • The details and graphics and visual effects are amazing. I really enjoyed seeing the Azeroth “in real life”. If you compare the landscapes with the ones you encounter in the game you’ll notice that some things were exaggerated a little bit, but that’s more than ok.
  • The cities like Stormwind and Dalaran are also impressive and if you know them from the game then you’ll enjoy seeing them.
  • The attentions to details is amazing. I guess there is nothing to add here. You just have to see the movie.
  • The mages/wizards are something that I really missed in movies like Lord of the Rings. In Warcraft these guys actually do something and the spells look amazing and feel really epic. Every scene with magic is amazing. That’s what expect to see the from now on in every fantasy movie that involves some sort of spells.
  • The movie kept me focused the entire time and if you are a lore fan you’ll enjoy it for sure.
  • There are some interesting easter eggs in the movie, but I won’t spoil them for you.


  • The movie was available only in 3D (at least at the theater I went to) and I’m not a fan of 3D movies. I actually prefer the good old 2D. I never saw any movie that worth the 3D experience (well, maybe Avatar, but that’s it).
  • I felt that some parts of the story were left out. Lore wise the script could have been “fixed” a little bit more in my opinion – we may see more details when the director’s cut comes out.
  • Things happen too fast. I got a feeling that here and there the movie was rushed. All the action and events would take way to much if you read the book(s).
  • I really expected to hear more about the characters backgrounds. I admit that the movie won’t fit in the 2 hours cut, but at least for the main characters should have had a proper introduction.
  • The movie was too short. We really need something to continue the story. If it ends like this it would be a pity.


I really expect to be a sequel and honestly hope to be soon. Something tells me that if the fans have to wait another years and years for the next Warcraft movie it won’t have the expected impact anymore. The movie was enjoyable and personally loved it. I appreciated the acting too. Lothar, Garona, Medivh, and Orgrim were exactly what I expected to be.

As a suggestion, try to avoid the hate and try to avoid judging the movie before you actually see it. Of course, if you are not into this genre, I have no idea how will you take the Warcraft universe, but if you enjoy fantasy movies I strongly believe that this movie is something you should watch sooner or later.

As a conclusion of this conclusion, heh, I really enjoyed the movie and I won’t say this is the greatest masterpiece of all time. It was a decent and actually enjoyable movie.

What do you think about the movie? What did you like or dislike about it?