WoW Token Available for EU on April 21

The WoW Token was launched for US realms on April 7. After two weeks Blizzard will release it in EU as well, meaning that everyone in EU realms can buy/sell it starting with April 21. Blizzard will sell it for 20 Euro (15 GPB) and the stating gold  Read the rest »

Adventure Guide preview

One of the patch 6.2 features is the Adventure Guide. Even though this is a new small feature, it's supposed to be included in the game with the launch of WoD, but Blizzard kept postponing it. The Adventure Guide is a new tab in your Dungeon  Read the rest »

First look over Garrison Shipyard

If you looked over the 6.2 patch highlights or if you read the patch notes you now know that we'll be able to build a new Garrison building in the upcoming 6.2 patch. I tested it in on the PTR and here is what I found out: The new Shipyard  Read the rest »

WoW Token Available for US on April 7

We already explained everything about the upcoming WoW Token and today the release date was officially announced: April 7, for US regions (North America, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand) after the maintenance. The current announced  Read the rest »

Great time to buy World of Warcraft

If any of you don't have the game already or still needs the Warlords of Draenor expansion then now it would be a great time to get it since Blizzards Store has some great discounts for us. Just in case you don't know already the World of Warcraft  Read the rest »

Another WoW weapon brought to life

Most of you already noticed that Blizzard already gave us some teasers about the creation of a new WoW weapon on Facebook and Twitter. Tony Swatton, or the Master Blacksmith from Azeroth Armory as Blizzard called him, had a short announcement on  Read the rest »