Shadowmoon Valley WoD Beta Preview

This area is the starting zone for Alliance. Well, basically the starting zone for both factions, Alliance and Horde, is the Tanaan Jungle. That's the area right after the new Dark Portal where players first encounter the Iron Horde, but we will talk  Read the rest »

Rob Pardo is leaving Blizzard

People come and go. It's always like that in a big company, but I personally don't remember see any of the old and "high ranked" employees to leave Blizzard till I heard about Ghostcrawler's departure a few months ago.Well, this time Rob Pardo  Read the rest »

WoD Beta starts in less than 1 hour

The closed Alpha stage for Warlords of Draenor seems to be over since Beta stage will start in less than 1 hour (23:00 EU servers time). The confirmation came from this page and from the emails that some of the players received with the first wave of  Read the rest »

Male Human new model revealed

Another artcraft post was published on the official website and this one reveals the Human Male model. Like the others the changes are really big and the details and facial expressions are really standing out.Do not miss the other revealed  Read the rest »

Female Orc new model revealed

Unlike the other revealed new models this one was just updated on the Warlords of Draenor website and there are not too many images of it, but at least we have an idea how the new model is going to look like.Do not miss the other revealed  Read the rest »

Midsummer Fire Festival Guide

The┬áMidsummer Fire Festival is a once a year world event in World of Warcraft and it starts on June 21st and ends on July 5th. This guide was updated in 2014 and is based on 2013 Midsummer Fire Festival. Whatever the changes will take place in 2014  Read the rest »

Gaze of the Black Prince buff incoming

A few weeks ago when 5.4.8 patch was on PTR we wrote about the Gaze of the Black Prince buff that will help players complete their Legendary cloak quest chain faster. At first we believed that this buff will be available only for your alts, if your  Read the rest »