Garrison’s Small Buildings Guide

We already wrote about the general, large, and medium buildings and the now we are taking a look over the last type of buildings: the Small ones. You can also call them the Professions buildings, since most of them are related to one of the in-game  Read the rest »

WoD Pre-Patch – Oct 14

I'm glad that when we made the guide for the pre-expansion patch we kind of guessed the release date. Now everything is official, the release is pretty much one month before the launch of the new expansion: October 14.When this announcement you  Read the rest »

How to prepare for pre-expansion patch

Every time a new expansion is launched there is a pre-expansion patch where a lot of things are added, changed, or removed. The pre-Warlords of Draenor patch, 6.0.2, is no exception to this rule. We can not be sure when the patch will be launched but  Read the rest »

Garrison’s Medium Buildings Guide

After we wrote about the General buildings and the Large ones now is time to take a look over the Medium ones.Keep in mind that this article is based on Beta tests. We’ll update these guides as often as we can and hopefully when the new expansion  Read the rest »

Garrison’s Large Buildings Guide

We already wrote about the general buildings of your Garrison. Those buildings that everyone can unlock and use and have their own plot. Now we'll dig into Large Buildings details and see what these buildings can do for your Garrison.Keep in mind  Read the rest »

Blizzcon 2014 and another Murloc Pet

A few hours ago it was revealed the pet we'll get this year in the goodie-bags or from buying the stream access for BlizzCon 2014. The new pet will be a new Murloc, Grommloc.We know nothing else about this new pet since there is not yet fully  Read the rest »