How to get to Outland

With the launch of the Warlords of Draenor the Dark Portal from Blasted Lands was replaced and those who used that portal to get to Outland should find another way if they want to visit/revisit the old shattered world. I'm writing this only  Read the rest »

Player with 100 Max Level Characters

Yeah, you didn't read that title wrong. A player managed to get 100 characters to level 100... A while ago we wrote someone who got to level 100 without choosing neither Alliance nor Horde and now another strange achievement was announced on the  Read the rest »

Blackrock Foundry item levels increase

The┬áBlackrock Foundry raid item level will be increased a bit during this week with a hotfix. The change will affect the items you already own as well. All the raid difficulties are going to be affected by this hotfix. The item levels will change  Read the rest »

WoD Legendary Boost for your alts

Back in Mists of Pandaria was the first time when some boosts were added for your alts when it comes to legendary items. There you had to complete the entire chain for your alts to receive a buff (I hope I remember correctly) to help them farm those  Read the rest »

Doubleagent reached level 100

This is something that was expected, but indeed it's a great achievement. For those who do not know, Doubleagent is now the only player in the world (maybe others will follow) that reached level 100 as a neutral character. He is neither Horde nor  Read the rest »

Cute But Deadly – by John Polidora

Usually, when I find some interesting WoW related artwork I save it in the wowjuju's pinterest account, but this time I'll make an exception and post it here as well. These character designs are made by John Polidora (NorseChowder@deviantart). He  Read the rest »