Patch 6.1 goes live on February 24

@Warcraft just twitted that the new patch, 6.1, is scheduled to go live on February 24 (February 25 for EU). We should expect a longer maintenance caused by this new patch, but at least we still have time to prepare for it. Do not miss the  Read the rest »

How to use twitter in World of Warcraft

We first wrote about the WoW and Twitter integration in one of our first article about the future 6.1 patch. Now, this optional feature seems to be completely integrated and fully usable on the PTR, I think, is in order to write a few more details  Read the rest »

Professions Mounts and Pets – updated

About two years ago we had a similar article where we collected all the mounts and pets you can craft with your professions. Now, since it was requested, we want to update these lists so if you are a pet or mount collector or if you want to make some  Read the rest »

Blizzard Store Discount Code

As you can see from the title we have a Discount Code for the acquisition of any product from the Blizzard Gear store. As far as I could see the code works for both EU and US regions and it will reduce the price of any product by  Read the rest »

New mount teaser

Looks like Blizzard prepared a new kitty, errmm, a new mount for us and it looks really cool in my opinion... This was presented on their official twitter account and there is no hint on where this new mount might come from. It may be a new store  Read the rest »

Garrison Bodyguards guide

You may have noticed some followers with the Bodyguard trait and if you already had the Level 2 Barracks you could really benefit of that trait. Any follower with that trait can be assigned to your Level 2 or 3 Barracks. Once you do that, that  Read the rest »