Wowjuju was first opened to the public in the autumn of 2007. At the start we were not really sure what shall we do with the website and we started with some WoW News then began working on several custom made guides. Since we were a young website, it was a hard work because our staff was small (only two people… heh) and we didn’t get too much help from “outside”.
Just after a month or two we decided to bring something new to the WoW community and this is how Reputation Calculator project started. Even if we are still working on it and constantly updating information and adding more features … many people already started using it. In about 10 months over 200k of players use it to boost their reputations.

In the meantime more and more people visited us and with their help we managed to change and optimize the website for every visitor to be happy with it. At the moment Wowjuju is accessible from most of the web browsers and mobile devices, but of course we are happy to receive any feedback regarding this matter.

In April 2008 Wowjuju was included in Blizzard’s Official Fan Site (EU) program. This inclusion was one of the several reasons to be against any wow item markets, gold trading and power-leveling services. World of Warcraft’s Terms of Use and EULA apply on Wowjuju as well. Thanks to Wowhead we are able to use their database to display our item links and they also help us to make our Reputation Calculator more appealing.

In time we hope to be able to add more important events to this short history of this website… Remember, everything here is dedicated to our members and you are the one’s who decide what shall we do next. All your thoughts are appreciated and we’re happy to have you here.

February 3, 2009 was another landmark for us. We launched the version 2 of our Reputation Calculator and up until now people seems to enjoy it.

December, 2013 we decided to change to a more modern look and hopefully everything will work just fine and people will get used to all the changes pretty fast.

February, 2014 we made a big face-lift. Our 2009 platform was updated and things should be more user friendly now and more flexible. Wowjuju should be fully operational on mobile devices as well.

Thanks for being a valuable part of the Wowjuju community.

Best Regards,
Wowjuju Team