All you need to know about Mists of Pandaria

Yes. Mists of Pandaria! This is the name of the new expansion already announced a few hours ago at BlizzCon 2011 and we already told you about this if you were with us.

Since this is such a hot topic I think it’s in order for it to have it’s own article. So here we go, this is what we will have in the new Expansion:

[h]World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria[/h]
  • This expansion will combine new gameplay with the most fun parts of the past.
  • More stuff to do at max level!
  • Blizzard want to see people back into the world. Not to have them stick into the towns only. Say welcome back to the World Bosses.
  • Talent trees are completely remade. You can see them all here.
  • You’ll be able to develop your character exactly the way you like. Different things, like daily quests for example, might give you valor points.
  • New creatures are going to be added too: Jinyu, Hozu, Verming, Mantid, Mogu, Sha… you can see them in the images below.
  • Two of the areas were presented. The images are below.


  • There are 5 new leveling zones and a few of them are already completed…sort of. The zone are huge.
  • Pandaria it will be an actual continent. Unified continent, like Outland or Northrend. No more zones spread all around the place.
  • The artwork and music are going to be Asian influenced… heavily.
  • We will have an AH, Bank and everything in the new continent.
  • You’ll have to be max level, lvl 90, to be able to fly there.
  • No flying until max level.
  • The Jade Forest is the start zone.


  • The start area is a HUGE turtle. How come everything is huge in here?!
  • You start neutral, at level 1, and at level 10 you’ll be able to chose your faction: Horde or Alliance.
  • The females are not done yet. Heh…
  • Pandaren Classes are: Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Shaman and Warrior.
  • Racials:
    • Epicurean – Increase the stat benefits from food by 100%
    • Gourmand – Cooking skill increased by 15.
    • Inner Peace – Your rested experience bonus lasts twice as long.
    • Bouncy – You take 50% less falling damage.
    • Quaking Palm – You touch a secret pressure point on an enemy target, putting it to sleep for 3 sec.


  • This is the new class and compared tho the others, they wont have auto attacks.
  • Martial Art based class… awesome animations!
  • Monks will use Leather with Agi or Int.
  • Most of the attacks are made with legs and fists but you’ll need weapons like fist weapons or staves for finishing moves.
  • Monks can be Tanks (Brewmaster), healers (Mistweaver) or melee dps (Windwalker).
  • The healer it will be different. He can stand up and melee. He will do some damage too, compared to the other healers.
  • Goblin and Worgens can’t be Monks.
  • Monks will use Chi (energy) used for Jab and Roll. You’ll generate Light and Dark force and some of the finishing moves will use one or the other.
tn_gallery_2_8_500522.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_15695.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_506059.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_760177.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_628080.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_821889.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_289590.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_621626.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_388732.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_96202.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_734070.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_323010.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_107197.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_544924.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_303773.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_42961.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_139361.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_513673.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_8808.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_447562.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_465189.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_289030.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_847445.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_442545.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_276384.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_457173.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_21214.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_535125.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_178395.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_266961.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_325109.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_743602.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_152560.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_289874.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_496.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_597958.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_86173.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_583471.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_475816.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_173809.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_394586.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_393024.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_698622.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_667729.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_328194.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_118775.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_117148.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_429411.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_287636.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_452799.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_675730.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_48212.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_223486.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_210716.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_230317.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_412670.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_525489.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_610269.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_278927.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_475429.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_210216.jpg tn_gallery_2_8_366954.jpg

I’ll be adding more if I feel I missed something. Did I missed something?

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