Arena Pass 2012: 2nd Contest – Show us your team


Contest Closed! Winners are going to be selected and contacted. Check your emails!

The second contest for Arena Pass is here. Hopefully you'll like this one better.

We have more prizes for this one, that means you have much more changes of winning something.

Here is what you should know about Arena Pass competition:


1st place: One Heart of the Aspects mount

2nd place: Two Pandaren Monk pet OR Two Lil' Ragnaros pet (you get to pick one)

3rd place: Two Pandaren Monk pet OR Two Lil' Ragnaros pet (you'll get the remaining pet)

[h]How to win[/h]

1. You'll have to visit the Arena Pass official announcement.

2. For this week you'll have to show us your Arena team. Therefor we want some screenshots. Reply to this topic and post a few images. 1-2 screenshots are enough.

Keep in mind that you can use anything to enhance the look of those screenshots. The better they look the more chances you'll have to win a prize.

The screenshots do not have to come from Arena Pass realms. Do not copy anyone's work, be original.

[h]Rules and Qualifications[/h]
  • This contest is EU and RU only. We all want to have world wide contests, but we cant do anything about it this time.
  • One entry per user. Do not try to create multiple accounts.
  • If you win, we will contact you via Personal Messages here on the forums. Make sure you check Forum Messages and you email.
  • The deadline is at the end of 23rd April 2012. The winners are going to be announced next week.
  • The winners are going to be selected by our staff. It all depends of your entry. Read the contest details carefully.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any fraudulent entry.
[h]Please remember[/h]

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  • Kiirsten

    Chilling before the game 😛


    And owning the other team 😛


  • Zaknafein

    This is my Magical Pvp Entry!

    We are the Weirdest team but we enjoy playing! 2 tanks and a hunter ^_^

    Le Us Before the fight!


    And here is after a non succefull fight 😛


  • Oblivion

    Druid power!


    Dead (not powerful enough :() druid, light at the end of the tunnel, a wisp carrying a shield and a sword and a floating mage…