Arena Pass 2012: 3rd Giveaway contest


Contest Closed! Winners are going to be selected and contacted. Check your emails!

The time has come to start our third contest! It's a simple giveaway this time, and the good part is that the second contest is still open and it shares the deadline with this one…

Before we talk about the 3st contest here is what you should know about Arena Pass competition:


1st place: One Heart of the Aspects mount

2nd place: One Pandaren Monk pet OR One Lil' Ragnaros pet (you get to pick one)

3rd place: One Pandaren Monk pet OR One Lil' Ragnaros pet (you'll get the remaining pet)

[h]How to win[/h]

1. You'll have to visit the Arena Pass official announcement.

2. Very simple for you to enter this contest: Tell us what classes do you have in your 3v3 setup. Reply to this topic to to enter the giveaway.

[h]Rules and Qualifications[/h]
  • This contest is EU and RU only. We all want to have world wide contests, but we cant do anything about it this time.
  • One entry per user. Do not try to create multiple accounts.
  • If you win, we will contact you via Personal Messages here on the forums. Make sure you check Forum Messages and you email.
  • The deadline is at the end of 2nd May 2012. The winners are going to be announced next week.
  • The winners are going to be selected by our staff. It all depends of your entry. Read the contest details carefully.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any fraudulent entry.
[h]Please remember[/h]

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  • Zaknafein

    As i posted on my Screenshot. Prot warrior/Prot Paladin/Survival Hunter.

    Sometimes the Protadin goes dps.. I know it's an unorthodox spec but we get allong as friends so we formed this team for fun!

    Also thanks again for this Fantastic giveaway!

  • Kiirsten

    Gonna be Holy Paladin (me) + rogue and Frost DK :-)

    Not the best combo, but surely funny to play with friends!

  • Magisteri

    Going to play Warrior/Mage(me)/DiscPriest

    Old but fun comp :) and we mester is quite good.

  • Philip White

    Going with Frost Mage, Restro Shammie and Blood DK.

    Kind of a mix/match but we all know our characters well and this helps.

    Good luck to all!

  • David Ahlqvist

    Rogue(me) Ret hunter, tripple deepz ftw!

    just mainly because the shorter games and the intense fighting.

  • Samerius

    I play with a Warr (me),a surv hunter and a priest! (They are my friends)

    Not the best combo, but warr + hunter got alot of burst.

  • Eric Woodford

    We got a triple-Play going on. 2 Pallys and myself as a disc priest.

  • Oblivion


    Feral druid, frost mage, disc priest