Arena Pass 2012: 4th Giveaway Contest


Contest closed!

You have one more week and Practice Phase of Arena Pass 2012 is going to be over. Our 4th Arena Pass giveaway contest will start now and we will throw in all the prizes we have left…

Before we talk about the 4th contest here is what you should know about Arena Pass competition (you still have time to register!):


One Mount and Four Pets!

1 x 1st place: One Heart of the Aspects mount

2 x 2nd place: One Pandaren Monk pet OR One Lil' Ragnaros pet (you get to pick one)

2 x 3rd place: One Pandaren Monk pet OR One Lil' Ragnaros pet (you'll get the remaining pet)

[h]How to win[/h]

1. You'll have to visit the Arena Pass official announcement.

2. We need you to tell us or show us something funny related to arenas. A funny screenshot, a joke you heard, a hilarious movie. Anything that would make us and others laugh.

[h]Rules and Qualifications[/h]
  • This contest is EU and RU only. We all want to have world wide contests, but we cant do anything about it this time.
  • One entry per user. Do not try to create multiple accounts.
  • If you win, we will contact you via Personal Messages here on the forums. Make sure you check Forum Messages and you email.
  • The deadline is at the end of 9th May 2012. The winners are going to be picked randomly.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any fraudulent entry.
[h]Please remember[/h]

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  • Zaknafein

    Well while on TBC i was with myd urid mate in 2vs2 and guess what happened a 3rd members joined wich was a blood elf paladin. The guy was socked also he ended up buffing us but didn't helped us in the 2vs2.. I will try to find the screenshots i got also i got around 4GB of wow pictures but i am soon i will find it :happy:

    P.s Picture found! As u see it's a 2vs2 and suddenly le wild Horde Paladin appeared!


  • Kiirsten

    – When mages realize they are overpowered ?

    – Never, they think they are balanced

  • Bagmary

    If you want to become a gladiator you need to find a good teammate. This movie isn't mine. But I like it a lot.

  • menos

    I'm not a PvP player myself, but when it comes to arena jokes this is what came into my mind:

    Player: Can you give me a joke, Mr. GM?

    GM: Your arena rating!

  • Bagmary


  • Brintos

    What's the difference between an accident and a tragedy?

    An accident is a ship full of gnomes sinking. A tragedy is if they can swim.

  • skippy

    Q: How many Gnomes does it take to paint your wall?

    A: It depends on how hard you throw them.