Azeroth Choppers: Choppers to represent Alliance and Horde


Azeroth Choppers is an upcoming webseries/competition that was announced early today. The main idea behind this is the creation of two choppers, one for Allaince and one for Horde, and at the end the players/viewers will vote. The winner bike will become “the undisputed king of Azeroth’s roads” and an in-game mount will be made and handed out for free. It will be usable only by the winning faction, but everyone will have the mount.

You can find the trailer below, and the official website for this is found here.

The choppers building teams are hand picked by Paul Jr. that you might know from the American Choppers reality show. Well, at least that’s where I know him from… Two Blizzard teams lead by Chris Metzen, for Alliance, and Warchief Samwise, aka Sam Didier, for Horde, will join those two teams to help with the project and the design of those bikes.

I honestly find it weird to see Chris Metzen in the Alliance team, but I can’t imagine who else would take this part 😛

The first episode is scheduled for 17 April and we will get one episode per week.

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