Client App Beta review


As my may know the Launcher will soon be gone and all the Blizzard games will receive a new desktop client application. Thanks to Blizzard’s Europe Community Team we are able to test it out. Brace yourselves, the Blizzard Desktop Client is coming!

Install, login and play

First of all, the client seems to be very fast, at least at the moment. This is a great thing, since he old Launcher was getting slower and slower for me.

Installing it took only a few seconds and the whole thing requires around 20MB of your hard drive.

Right from the start you’ll have to login with your account, check the breaking news (if there are any), add your authenticator code if you are using one (and you should!) and you are ready to play the games.

The cool part is that the games wont ask for user/password/code if you are starting them using this new client. Plus, this client will run in background and basically you’ll be able to login in any game right away with only one click.

The user interface


In my opinion it looks great. Simple and clean. I’m pretty sure that this is just an early stage and we will see many more element added to it, but for the moment I love it.

Each game has it’s own interface where you can read the patch notes, see the latest offers, redeem a code, manage your account, read game guides, ask for support, change game settings, scan and repair the game or install/uninstall the game.


You can also read the latest news for each game. You can filter the news by games or you can read them all. This is pretty much like a news feed and it looks pretty good.
All the articles are readable, but if you want to comment you’ll be redirected to the website.

Desktop Client settings

Obviously the are a few settings as well. You can setup the application you log you in automatically then you are starting your computer and to remember your details (finally! we needed this!).
You can set the client and games installation behavior and you can even auto install games on purchase. Pretty neat.

If you want to see all the settings options check the screenshots.


Even if the client is still on beta stage it looks amazing. The “login to when computer starts” option is by far my favorite. The news tab is great as well, but would be nice to see the other regions news too.

I assume we will be able to access the forums, visit armory, access the blizzard store and maybe even chant with friends. Can I please use the auction house through this?

The are a lot of things to be implemented but I really look forward to this, because, even if I repeat myself, the new Desktop Client App looks great!

Your feedback

Your feedback matters for Blizzard and that’s why you can send it directly from this client, but the feedback matter to us as well.
We would like to hear your opinion on this new Application. Do you see anything appealing and useful?

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  • Spilner21

    This looks great!! I like the auto update feature and being able to view the news on games!!

    Will we be able to access the AH for D3 and WoW from the client? it would make using the AH alot easier instead of having to go into the game (especially with WoW)