Blizzard Europe Fansite Summit 2012


Blizzard front office sign in Versailles, Paris

Even if the US community is used with this kind of event, for us, here in EU, this was the very first edition for the Blizzard Fansite Summit. We,, were very lucky to be invited and I'd like to tell you all about the day I spent in Paris, at Blizzard headquarters.

We received the invitation like three weeks ago and the Summit took place on 22 of June 2012. The time spent on the road was pretty boring and nothing worth mentioning about happed. At least not for me, the representative.

On June 22nd, at 9:00 in the morning we all meet in front of the hotel. There were about 15 fansites representatives there: Manaflask, Gosugamers, Wowjuju, Buffed, InGame, Gamona, JudgeHype, Millenium, GamersOrigin, WoWSfera, Diablo 3 ESP, Battlecraft,, Warcry and D3expert.

I really hope I didn't forget anyone and got every website right.

After a little misunderstanding with some taxi company, we managed to arrive at the Blizzard HQ. Blizzard employees were the ones taking us there, because taxi drivers are over rated in Paris I guess 😛

Blizzard Paris Office

After we saw their awesome underground parking lot (just kidding, nothing to see there) we went up into the lobby for the badges distribution and to sign the NDA papers.

Their building is really new and there are still things to be finished. Everything looks great and having a Stormwind and Orgrimmar office is really something 😛 All the offices and meeting rooms have game-related names. That's a pretty interesting concept.

We were not allowed to take pictures in most of the areas, but we didn't left empty handed. The inner courtyard has a great statue:


The Queen of Blades statue – Blizzard Europe Office

And their lobby looks like this:


tn_gallery_2_20_321119.jpg tn_gallery_2_20_121394.jpg tn_gallery_2_20_658338.jpg tn_gallery_2_20_533953.jpg tn_gallery_2_20_486122.jpg tn_gallery_2_20_619274.jpg tn_gallery_2_20_514648.jpg tn_gallery_2_20_619585.jpg tn_gallery_2_20_199141.jpg tn_gallery_2_20_105881.jpg tn_gallery_2_20_204066.jpg tn_gallery_2_20_81890.jpg tn_gallery_2_20_210476.jpg tn_gallery_2_20_340668.jpg

The Summit

Obviously, there are things that we are not supposed to tell you about, and we wont. Simple as that.

All I can say is that the Summit was focused on the fansites and our relation with Blizzard.

Besides that, we came back with a lot of interesting ideas for the wowjuju community.

We attended three workshops, we meet the community team (Vaneras was missing though) in their office and we took a short tour of the building (parking lot included,woo-hoo). We also had some lunch breaks and we talked in between. We shared some gifts/goody-bags and I really hope they enjoyed my gift as much as I enjoyed theirs…

Our readers will benefit a little bit from my visit there also, because I have something for you too… but about that, a bit later. So stick around.

The after-party

When everything was over, we were invited to join some members of the Community Team for dinner in a nice French restaurant located in the center of Paris. The plan was to go to a bar to enjoy some drinks also and watch some Barcraft, after dinner. We did that, but it was already too late and there were a lot of people who had a plane to catch early in the morning, so we spent only a few minutes at that bar.

My only regret here is that no one from the Community Team wanted to tell us the Taxi Driver Joke. I guess this is the only minus of this meeting 😀


I'd like to say tanks to Blizzard Community Team and the other fansites, that were preset at the event, for sharing their ideas, views and experience. From my point of view, the first EU Fansite Summit was a success and I really look forward to see how Blizzard felt about it.

Maybe you all read this and expected some hot announcements, but this time was not the case. Maybe in the future we will meet some developers and designers and we will be able to bring you more news.

I avoided to name the people I met there because I'm extremely bad with remembering names and I don't want to forget anyone.

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  • Koronis

    Seems like you had a great experience there! Take me with you next time, will ya? 😛

  • Goht

    cmon tell us about how titan is! we know you saw it! ;D

  • mariosatr

    Nice one heading out to Paris 😀

  • Loky

    Yeah Goht. I saw it and play a little and is AMAZING. :ball:

    Heh, I'm just trolling. We really didn't see much, and even if we did I wont tell about it 😛

  • [email protected]

    these guys probably have the best job in the world! :)

  • Goht

    i actually wonder how long an blizzard employee works every week in the different departments

  • Kyuubi

    Looks like a lot of fun! Wish I could go to some Blizzard events in the future just to be around the Blizzard awesomeness :)

  • waflob

    sounds like you had fun – thanks for the interesting report

  • Nadine Brown

    Ha! the Litch in reception :) Does he man the switchboard during lunchbreaks?

    So what is the “I have something for you” ???

  • Ghroll

    omg Blizzard's offices are awesome,I envy you.Great article btw!

  • skippy

    Grats on the visit! Any hints on what should we expect next from wowjuju? 😀

  • Kronus

    Best place in the world for me, I wanna live there.

  • The Prodigy
    Our readers will benefit a little bit from my visit there also, because I have something for you too… but about that, a bit later. So stick around.

    omg did u forget to give our presents ? :)