Blizzard to announce their next game at PAX East!

Yesterday the organizers of PAX East and Rob Pardo, the Chief Creative Officer at Blizzard, informed us about the announcement they are going to make at this year’s convention.

“Blizzard has a little something new, and they’re bringing it to PAX East! It’s different from their other games, so it’s not a sequel, expansion, or that rumored next-gen MMO. Be among the first to see what the legendary development studio has been working on in this presentation.”

So, if the announcement is not about some future expansion, no sequel and nothing about Titan, what it might be?
After a bit of research our bets are for Blizzard All-Stars, but we honestly can’t say anything for sure.

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There are still about 7 days till we’ll know for sure what exactly are we going th hear, but until then we are free to speculate and guess.
So, any of you has some wild ideas? Is there anything you’d like to come from Blizzard?

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  • [email protected]

    It can not be Blizzard all-stars.. It is already announced so this should be something all new i think.

  • Kyuubi