Blizzard visit and WoD Testing

Warlords, a French fansite, was lucky to be invited for a WoD test at Blizzard headquarters in Versailles, France. We will try to translate the best we can their resume for their visit.

First of all you should know that Mamytwink was able to play for five hours, a Gnome Warrior, and complete the Alliance introduction to WoD part and they reached level 92.

Beside the WoD tests they interviewed Ion Hazzikostats, Lead Encounter Designer of World of Warcraft. I’m pretty sure they’ll publish that interview pretty son as well.

But let’s focus on Warlords of Draenor now (hope I translate this properly):

  • They played a Gnome Warrior from level 90 to level 92. They tested the Alliance starting area which is The Shadowmoon Valley. There were about 80 in that quest line.
  • The new race models are amazing and their facial expressions are great. Beside the gnome they played with they were able to create a Drawf and see the model as well.
  • At level 91 his Gnome Warrior (tank spec) had around 63k hp. That’s cause by the stats changes ofc.
  • Mobs have around 100k hp.
  • The warrior hits were around 1k-5k and crits around 10k.
  • From level 90 to 91 you needed 597k xp and for 91 to 92, 640k xp.
  • Quests rewarded about 10k-15k exp and the hardest ones around 20k.
  • Some new type of quests were introduced: The Bonus Quests based on the are you are in. They pop in your quest log as you enter a specific area and if complete those you earn extra experience. Leaving the area those quest are dropped automatically.
  • The Shadowmoon Valley has vast plains, everything looks peaceful, colorful, filled with colors and everything happens in the moonlight. Iron horde, Draenei and Naru are the main characters there. There are also cities and strongholds of those races as well.
  • The Alliance starting area, the Shadowmoon Valley, looks almost finished. It’s filled with vegetation and various mobs.
  • There were a lot of Burning Crusade models there but everything was upgraded and they looked amazing.
  • The entire area focuses on the conflict between Draenei and Iron Horde. Ner’zhul is the main enemy there.
  • Purging Gromma (hope I got this name right) is the scenario that needs to be played to end the adventure in that area. Unfortunately it was not accessible for testing yet.
  • The new music is great as well. (The WoW music always was awesome, to be honest).
  • Even is the area should be a familiar one, especially for those who played during Burning Crusade, it feels new and different and it can’t be compared with the old one.

They also have two spoilers for the lore of the area:

Spoiler Alert!

I really hope I translated this right (thanks to my wife) and I’ll keep and eye on and their upcoming interview.

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  • Zagnaphein

    This looks smexy and intresting! Ty for the spoilers also!

  • skippy

    Is wowjuju going to be invited as well? I really hope so.
    Btw, thanks for this translation. From my point of view is perfect, since I don’t speak French 😛

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy WoD like I did with every single expansion till now.

    • Zagnaphein

      90% sure he will be there and also will end up with some cool stuffzorz 😛