BlizzCon 2013 – Day 1: Wowjuju Live Coverage

BlizzCon 2013

Is that time of the year when A LOT of new things are announced by Blizzard. Yeah, BlizzCon 2013 Day 1 is here and we are going to cover it and keep you informed about everything as fast as we can.

We are going to post everything on the website, but we will be very active on twitter @wowjuju and on our facebook page as well.

This article is going to be updated very often so make sure your refresh key is working.

Day 1: Pre-opening ceremony

  • Ok, we are prepared. Are you? The stream should start in about 1 hour.
  • The stream already started. Yay!
  • Mike Morhaime about to take the stage for the opening ceremony.
  • Some people expect two expansions to be announced. Interesting…
  • As expected all the Blizzard games are going to be covered at BlizzCon.
  • Hearthstone is a VERY hard word to pronounce. Or is it?

Day 1: The opening ceremony

  • It begun!
  • Mike Morhaime on stage right now.
  • Diablo 3 RoS expansion available to test at BlizzCon
  • WoW announcements now!… soon
  • Warcraft movie details to come!!!
  • Heroes of the Storm… more details in a sec.
  • Dustin Browder on a Heroes of the Storm after an awesome intro video!
  • Heroes of the Storm playstyle in Alpha version presented right now
  • I’m not really a DotA or LoL player, but this Heroes of the Storm looks great!
  • You can play as a hero like Diablo, Athras…
  • Heroes of the Storm is playable today at BlizzCon
  • Heroes of the Storm Beta signups start today
  • Rob Pardo on stage talking about Hearthstone
  • Next month, Hearthstone goes open Beta
  • The Elite Tauren Cheiftain: The legendary that’s simply epic! (the one given for Virtual ticket)
  • A new play more: Ranked play mode – it will unlock animations for your heroes.
  • Hearthstone iPhone and Android versions were just announced.
  • Both versions are out in the second half of the next year.
  • The next chapter of WoW to be announced by Chris Metzen
  • The days ahead are the Alliance finest hour…
  • Horde will have honor to be served and asses to kick…
  • And the next World of @Warcraft is: Warlords of Draenor!
  • Players will get to level 90 immediately? strange…
  • Opening ceremony is over.
  • Warlords of Draenor website is out as well!
  • Warlords of Draenor article.
  • Hearthstone is going to always be about Warcraft.

Day 1: WoW Panel

  • Garrosh wants to go back and stop the orcs drinking the blood of Mannoroth
  • Garrosh will lead this new iron horde.
  • Basically, Draenor looks the way it looks because it’s before the Shattering? Before opening the rifts and the dark portal…
  • Draenor is not Outland. Draenor is the world that Outland once was.
  • We are here to defeat the iron horde.
  • Draenor is a bit bigger than Outland.
  • Horde and Alliance will have each their own cityes. No more sanctuary city apparently.
  • Dragonfly creatures: to become a mount
  • We will have a very specific introductory event to get you to Draenor!
  • Horde will start at Frostfire Ridge
  • Alliance will start in Shadowmoon Valley.
  • Shadowmoon Valley looks really great (images to be added later on)
  • We saw 4 of the 7 zones in Draenor and they looks great!
  • Facial details, more details, higher visual fidelity… all ready the new expansion
  • Facial expressions are amazing!
  • Garrisons: World of Warcraft version of houses. You can build your base on Draenor. You can invite friends and stuff.
  • You get to pick where you build your garrison.
  • Rewards for garrisons: epic items, a pice of land to call home, limited access to professions you dont have, benefits from buildings.
  • You can expand the garrison and you can choose the buildings you want.
  • You can build monuments and show off…
  • An Inn will help you find followers and a cooking NPC. Followers can have specializations as well.
  • Each building upgrades three times.
  • Garrison UI
  • Boost to 90: when we purchase the new expansion we get to boost one of our characters to lvl 90
  • Inventory updates: Heirlooms and Toys added next to Mounts and Pets (account wide)
  • Sortable bags!
  • No more quest items in bags.
  • We can craft directly from the bank
  • Adventure guide: guides your own character to new experiences
  • The new expansion is playable at BlizzCon
  • We will get new level 100 talents!
  • 7 new dungeons – 4 s we level up 3 at max level (Classic Heroic UBRS)
  • Bloodmaul Slag Mines dungeon available at BlizzCon
  • Ogres. Ogres everywhere!
  • 2 new raids: Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry – 16 bosses in total
  • New world bosses
  • The world PvP one is a persistent PvP zone. The war never ends and you can jump in whenever you like.
  • Realms are going to be paired so the horde-alliance ballance wont affect this area.
  • The iron horde will be present in this area as well
  • Progress status right on the map. Awesome!
  • How about winning items after an arena game or bg? Maybe more honor? BoE gear? Nice huh?
  • The panel is now over.

Day 1: WoW Adventure Continues

  • The warlords will try to come to our time and “eat our faces”
  • Draenor is a primal world, a savage world and of thing in there will “eat your face”.
  • We will get to explore the Draenor and see how it was before, when everything was fine and there was no legion to fight with.
  • We get to see how draenei actually were before the shattering of Draenor.
  • Garrosh is not the villain of this expansion, he just sets the things in motion.
  • Thrall will put some armor back on.
  • Gul’dan plays a big role in the story line.
  • We will see Doomhammer!
  • Characters like Thrall and Garrosh are going to meet their families and learn from that experience.
  • The event wont affect the past history
  • It will be a day when Sylvanas is going to be featured hugely.

Day 1: Art of Warcraft

I guess this sums up the WoW infos for the first day. We have tons of images and details we will put together in the following hours and before the day 2 stream starts we will add the articles. Hopefully we wont miss anything and we can publish all the details we are aware of at the moment.

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