BlizzCon 2013 – Day 2: Wowjuju Live Coverage


Day 2 is here, you can find all the articles and coverage from the day 1 directly on the front page.

We are going to post everything on the website, but we will be very active on twitter @wowjuju and on our facebook page as well.

This article is going to be updated very often so make sure your refresh key is working.

Day 2: Start

  • New character models will come with new character attack sounds
  • Hunters will get new weapon sounds
  • Grats to Method for wining the Live Raid 😉
  • Behind the scenes on Diablo3: RoS

Day 2: WoW Raids, gameplay, questing

  • Blackrock Foundry – 10 bosses – 3 wings – Last one is Blackhand – Non-linear raid
  • All the raids are cross server from day one. Except Mythic difficulty ofc.
  • Each difficulty has its own lockout.
  • Lockouts are loot lockouts. You can raid but you only loot once.
  • Normal and Heroic will use the traditional loot system. Drops are based on eligible players.
  • Quests: key storylines and beside them we will have optional content. Lots of it.
  • We will have more dynamic events and treasures. Similar to Timeless Isle experience.
  • Quest log and map UI changes incoming.
  • Garrisons will have: small, medium and large buildings
  • Blueprints – new recipes for garrison building upgrades
  • Rank 3 buildings will have 3 specializations you have to choose from.
  • Fill all the plots to upgrade to next tier.
  • Followers can do quests, dungeons, scenarios and raids
  • Raid browser is going to be improved and you can actually use it to get a group going!
  • 10% bonus valor for every friend you queue with
  • Dont expect a ton of class changes overall.
  • Dodge and parry, hit and expertise on items… gone!
  • Reforge – GONE
  • Fewer items can be enchanted, but more choices for those enchants.
  • Very few items will have gems, but it will really matter.
  • Gems are more powerful
  • No more socket bnuses
  • No str plate vs int plate. Primary stat is changes on spec.
  • We will have one set now, no more one set for each spec.
  • No more durability loss!
  • Movement speed will stack
  • Increased AE dmg
  • Item squish is ON!
  • Soloing old content is still doable.

Day 2: Warcraft movie panel

  • It’s all about red and blue – horde and alliance (duh!)
  • A lot of background info
  • Horde characters are NOT the bad guys, they just have aother point of view.
  • We will have CGI. There are real actors for orcs.
  • Something between Avatar and Game of Thrones.
  • Warcraft movie: Is the story about Lothar and Durotan and their first contact.
  • If the first movie goes well we might see even more Warcraft movies.
  • The majority of the story takes place in Eastern Kingdoms
  • We will see a preview next year.
  • Warcraft movie has to match or beat the Lord of the Rings movies.
  • Movie might be released in 3D as well.
  • Movie might be PG-13.

Day 2: WoW Q&A

  • Grommash Hellscream is the final boss of Warlords of Draenor
  • WoD will still have warforged version of the items.
  • WoD wont have a big Titans story behind it.
  • The next expansion will have bonus rolls as well.
  • Old Blizzard games may become available for modern computers
  • Dance studio from the Garrison UI was just a troll…
  • We will have a way to go back to the current Outland.
  • Eyes of the Beast might be back.

I guess that’s about it. Like yesterday make sure you check back in a few hours for more detailed articles about what we learned these two days.

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  • Zaknafein

    Ty for the cover Lucifer! I still trying to figure out if the Grommash Beeing the Final Boss is true or not :p