You can now write for Wowjuju


It’s been a while, but we finally made this possible. You can now publish your own articles on wowjuju and all the details are found in the Write for Wowjuju page.

If I remember correctly the first request from the readers to be able to contribute to the site came a few years ago, and even if there are not many requests, now there is finally a possibility to make this work.

For the moment this whole program is based on volunteers only, but this may change and we hope it will. Even as a volunteer there are still thinks to earn from writing articles on Wowjuju.

We are open to any questions and if you don’t want to contact us to ask your questions, you can add them as a comment at this article as well. Just remember to read the Write for Wowjuju page first because we hope to have covered most of your upcoming questions in there.



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  • Zagnaphein