Warlords of Draenor Legendary Ring Guide


With Mists of Pandaria Legendary Cloaks, Blizzard changed the way legendary items are obtained. Basically to get your legendary you have to complete a pretty big quest chain that involves a lot of farming for various parts of that legendary. Since you can not complete the quest right from the start and you have to Read the rest »

How to use twitter in World of Warcraft


We first wrote about the WoW and Twitter integration in one of our first article about the future 6.1 patch. Now, this optional feature seems to be completely integrated and fully usable on the PTR, I think, is in order to write a few more details about it. First of all, if you are not Read the rest »

Professions Mounts and Pets – updated


About two years ago we had a similar article where we collected all the mounts and pets you can craft with your professions. Now, since it was requested, we want to update these lists so if you are a pet or mount collector or if you want to make some gold by selling those, you Read the rest »

Garrison Bodyguards guide


You may have noticed some followers with the Bodyguard trait and if you already had the Level 2 Barracks you could really benefit of that trait. Any follower with that trait can be assigned to your Level 2 or 3 Barracks. Once you do that, that follower will stand in front of the Barracks and Read the rest »

Where to get Garrison Resources from


The Garrison Resources are a new form of  currency in Warlords of Draenor that is needed for your Garrison building upgrades, missions, trades, and work orders. At the beginning, while you are leveling up and building your first Garrison buildings, you can ignore these Resources, but later into the game you will notice that you Read the rest »

How can you find Garrison Blueprints


Everyone is working to improve and to level up their garrison. Who can blame them? Garrisons give us a lot of bonuses, gear, buffs and resources. Of course, increasing your buildings level will give you even more of those bonuses, but for that you need blueprints… and this is where we come in to help Read the rest »

Pilgrim’s Bounty Guide

Image by Mr--Jack @ devinatart.com

The Pilgrim’s Bounty is a once a year world event in World of Warcraft and it starts on November 24th and ends on December 1st. This guide was updated in for 2014 edition of the event. This guide will cover: Pilgrim’s Bounty achievements Pilgrim’s Bounty quests Pilgrim’s Bounty rewards How to Quickly Increase your Cooking Skill (up to 330) Read the rest »

How to get your followers with Profession Traits


When we wrote about the Garrison Buildings (General, Small, Medium, and Large) we mentioned that most of the buildings, allows you to assign a follower to them at level two to help you out a little bit. Assigning a follower will get you more resources from the work orders. Assigning a level 90 follower to Read the rest »

Garrison’s Small Buildings Guide


We already wrote about the general, large, and medium buildings and the now we are taking a look over the last type of buildings: the Small ones. You can also call them the Professions buildings, since most of them are related to one of the in-game profession. Keep in mind that this article is based Read the rest »

How to prepare for pre-expansion patch

Warlords of Draenor Intro Screen

Every time a new expansion is launched there is a pre-expansion patch where a lot of things are added, changed, or removed. The pre-Warlords of Draenor patch, 6.0.2, is no exception to this rule. We can not be sure when the patch will be launched but we can speculate that we’ll see it alive about Read the rest »