Developer Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas


This weekend an interesting interview took place where Ion Hazzikostas, Lead Game Designer, answered some of the community questions especially about the upcoming 6.2 and 6.2.x patches. Below you can find the interview highlights and if you like you can watch the entire interview hosted by Lore. The 6.2.x patch is needed to fix various Read the rest »

Draenor Flying available in 6.2.x


Yes, you read the title right. With a future patch, that’s planned somewhere after the launch of 6.2 that’s currently on the PTR, we will be able to invade the Draenor skies with our dust-collecting flying mounts. There were hundreds of topics from people demanding this feature to become available in Draenor, and also a Read the rest »

BMAH coming to your Garrison


With the launch of 6.2 patch you’ll be able to access the Black Market Auction House directly from your Garrison. That means that you won’t have to travel all the way to Nagrand to visit to BMAH or to leave an alt of yours to check the daily offers… To be able to do that Read the rest »

Mass milling introduced in 6.2


I don’t know about you, but I waited for this feature since the Inscription profession was introduced to the game and everyone had to deal with stacks and stacks of herbs.. There was a similar need for ores when prospecting was a thing, but at the moment, in WoD we don’t have to prospect the Read the rest »

Adventure Guide preview


One of the patch 6.2 features is the Adventure Guide. Even though this is a new small feature, it’s supposed to be included in the game with the launch of WoD, but Blizzard kept postponing it. The Adventure Guide is a new tab in your Dungeon Journal. You can consider this to be a welcome Read the rest »

Main features of the upcoming 6.2 patch


The new 6.2 patch is already on PTR and anyone can test it. Also, if you want to read the complete patch notes you can find them on the official website. Everything is based on the PTR patch notes and in-game tests, and we can’t be sure that everything it’s going to be on live Read the rest »

WoW Token price went down under 22k gold


The WoW Token was added to US realms on April 7th and as it was previously announced, the initial price was set to 30,000 gold. Remember that the price in the Blizzard Store, in real currency, is $20 per token. Since a lot of people bought tokens, the price went up for a little in Read the rest »