Price and final details for the WoW Token


By now I think everybody at least heard about the upcoming WoW Token that allows you to buy yourself game time using in-game gold. Don’t miss our previous article where we explained most of the details about it already. Based on the official announcement, the token will be sold for $20 (or it’s every region Read the rest »

Blackrock Foundry item levels increase


The Blackrock Foundry raid item level will be increased a bit during this week with a hotfix. The change will affect the items you already own as well. All the raid difficulties are going to be affected by this hotfix. The item levels will change like this: From 650LFR / 665N / 680HC / 695M to 655LFR / Read the rest »

WoD Legendary Boost for your alts


Back in Mists of Pandaria was the first time when some boosts were added for your alts when it comes to legendary items. There you had to complete the entire chain for your alts to receive a buff (I hope I remember correctly) to help them farm those tokens a bit faster. Blizzard heard our feedback Read the rest »

BlizzCon 2015 Announced: November 6th and 7th


Minutes ago BlizzCon 2015 was announced. It will take place on November 6th and 7th, and the tickets are put on sale April 15th and April 18th ($199 per ticket). Don’t miss the tickets guide. There are no many details about the Virtual Tickets nor any other events that will take place during BlizzCon 2015, Read the rest »

Introducing the Gold-for-Game-Time WoW Token


A few days ago I was wondering what happen with this token announced along with the 6.1 features. Looks like the token is here and it was already officially announced a few minutes ago. So here are a few details about how this system will work: The token will allows players to simply and securely Read the rest »

Iron Docks quest hub was moved to patch 6.2


I just wrote that the patch notes for the upcoming patch 6.1 wont suffer any changes, but apparently I was not aware that the new quest hub from the Iron Docks was just postponed to 6.2… Since it wasn’t finished during the PTR and since the new patch release date was announced already people start Read the rest »

Patch 6.1 goes live on February 24


@Warcraft just twitted that the new patch, 6.1, is scheduled to go live on February 24 (February 25 for EU). We should expect a longer maintenance caused by this new patch, but at least we still have time to prepare for it. Do not miss the following articles: The updated Warlords of Draenor Legendary Ring Read the rest »

New mount teaser


Looks like Blizzard prepared a new kitty, errmm, a new mount for us and it looks really cool in my opinion… This was presented on their official twitter account and there is no hint on where this new mount might come from. It may be a new store mount or maybe something related with Heroes Read the rest »

More sources for Followers gear in 6.1


To gear up your followers (to increase their weapon and armor iLevel) you have to farm a little bit for those items. At the moment you have only a few sources where you can get those items to upgrade your follower gear iLvl. You can get them from missions, but only a few of them Read the rest »

Currency tab fixed in 6.1


Even if is not actually a fix it is something I noticed while playing on PTR. If you ever looked to the Currency Tab and you wanted to see the Warlords of Draenor section, you had to scroll all the way to the bottom to find it. By default you can’t move those sections around Read the rest »