More sources for Followers gear in 6.1


To gear up your followers (to increase their weapon and armor iLevel) you have to farm a little bit for those items. At the moment you have only a few sources where you can get those items to upgrade your follower gear iLvl. You can get them from missions, but only a few of them Read the rest »

Currency tab fixed in 6.1


Even if is not actually a fix it is something I noticed while playing on PTR. If you ever looked to the Currency Tab and you wanted to see the Warlords of Draenor section, you had to scroll all the way to the bottom to find it. By default you can’t move those sections around Read the rest »

How the heirlooms work in 6.1


The new Heirlooms tab will be added in the future 6.1 patch, but with it a few changes were made to the Heirloom items. We’ll try to explain everything so everyone will be prepared for these changes. Heirlooms Tab The long requested tab was added and all the heirloom items you have are automatically added Read the rest »

Blackrock Foundry Raid Schedule


Blizzard just released the new raid, Blackrock Foundry, and the new world boss, Rukhmar, schedule. are you ready for the new challenge? Keep in mind that the new raid is not 6.1 depended. This means we wont have to see patch 6.1 on live realms before February 3.

Garrison Changes in Patch 6.1


The PTR for the future content patch, 6.1, is pretty close and a lot of datamined changes are already found around the web. Even if not everything is confirmed officially and no one knows if everything we’ll write about will make it to the live realms, is still nice to see what’s in store for Read the rest »

World of Warcraft 10th Anniversary Ending


UPDATE: The events will end on 13 January at 10:00 CET (EU realms time) (source) A while ago the events for WoW’s 10th anniversary started in game and everything was suppose to end January 5th. For some reason the events will end sooner than that. Looks like today, January 5, at 19:00 CET (EU servers Read the rest »

Details about the future and 6.1 patch


The first details about the new content patch were published today, but before the actual blue post here are the 6.1 highlights that were announced today: ¬†We’ll see some game-time tokens that we can trade with other players for gold. Buying game-time for gold will become legal with these. The heirloom tab (finally!) – details Read the rest »

Alliance chopper now available


Since the Horde bike was the winning bike the horde players got it for free, and that bike was available for quite some time now. As for the Alliance chopper, it became available these days and players will have to pay for it. This is how you can get these mounts: As a Horde player Read the rest »

Blood Elf New Models Revealed


As promised yesterday on twitter, the new model for both male and female blood elf was revealed by Blizzard. From the official announcement we still don’t know when we’ll see the new model in game but at least we know Blizzard works on it. You can check it out below:  

New Blood Elf Models: Sneak peek tomorrow

image by jezebel @

The wait is over. The new Blood Elf models, both male and female I assume, are going to be launched tomorrow. Well, we’ll only have a short sneak peek, but it’s still something. As you may know already, all the other races received their character model updated with the launch of Warlords of Draenor, but Read the rest »