Metallica to perform live at BlizzCon 2014


Every year Blizzard brings someone to perform live at BlizzCon and this year we’ll see Metallica! I believe everyone at least heard about this huge group and everyone who’s present at the convention or the ones who will watch the live stream will enjoy their performance (I know I will). Don’t forget to purchase a Read the rest »

MoP is now included in the base game and WoW subscribers went up


I think the people who want to catch up with the game and don’t want to purchase all the expansions to the ones they are missing will be happy to know that Blizzard added the Mists of Pandaria to the base game. Basically now you can purchase all the expansions at once with this pack Read the rest »

WoD Pre-Patch – Oct 14


I’m glad that when we made the guide for the pre-expansion patch we kind of guessed the release date. Now everything is official, the release is pretty much one month before the launch of the new expansion: October 14. When this announcement you all have time till next release to complete everything you are doing Read the rest »

Undelete Character: New upcoming feature


Today Blizzard announced a new upcoming feature that will help you to Restore Deleted Characters. In fact this feature is already available on Beta and PTR realms. Here is the official announcement for this feature:

Blizzcon 2014 and another Murloc Pet


A few hours ago it was revealed the pet we’ll get this year in the goodie-bags or from buying the stream access for BlizzCon 2014. The new pet will be a new Murloc, Grommloc. We know nothing else about this new pet since there is not yet fully present in the game files, but the Read the rest »

Legendary Cloak Quest and Heirloom Vendors Removed in 6.0

Black Prince

Legendary Cloak Quest Even if the legendary cloaks will remain in the game and all of you who already got them will be able to keep and use them, the legendary quest chain will be removed, making the legendary cloaks unobtainable starting with the launch of the new expansion. The good news is that the Read the rest »

Character Name Reclamation Coming


This is a big change and some great news for everyone I guess. The ones who haven’t logged in in ages, since November 13, 2008, will have their characters names freed up. Meaning that those character names will be available once more so everyone who makes a new character or uses the payed character name Read the rest »

New battle pet from the pre-expansion event


Today the PTR went live and blizzard is now testing the pre-Warlords of Draenor patch. When this patch goes live, players will be able to experience a new one time only world event, the Iron Horde Incursion. If I remember correctly, when the Dark Portal first opened at he beginning of Burning Crusade, players who Read the rest »

Patch 6.0.2 PTR went live


We are getting closer and closer to the Warlords of Draenor release date, 13 November 2014. That’s why the PTR servers are now up for the patch 6.0.2. That’s the pre-expansion patch that will bring most of the expansion changes to the game. The patch notes are huge and you can find them on the Read the rest »

Warlords of Draenor First Aid changes


It is known that most of not all the professions are going to see some changes in Warlords of Draenor. Even if it’s a bit too early to get into details about all the professions, since a lot of things are not finished in Beta, there was something I noticed while messing around in Beta Read the rest »