Warcraft Movie: Teaser, props and posters


With the launch of Comic-Con in San Diego, everyone is talking and is waiting for the announced Warcraft Movie Trailer. Legendary released a short teaser today, Warcraft: The Skies of Azeroth. Unfortunately I’m not sure if it’s allowed to make that video public and if you want to experience it at its full potential you Read the rest »

Warcraft Movie trailer to be launched at San Diego Comic-Con


Everyone knows by now that Blizzard plans to launch the Warcraft Movie next year, 10 June 2016, and we previously read that the trailer will be revealed at some other date, somewhere around December… The good thing is that now the wait is nearly over since the Warcraft Movie Trailer will be launched at San Read the rest »

Warcraft Movie: First Look at Orgrim


Wired just released and exclusive first look at Orgrim from the upcoming Warcraft Movie. Orgrim is played by Robert Kazinsky and this is how it will look like: Even if we know the new release date for the movie and the trailer, there are still a lot of things we don’t know yet. But at least we Read the rest »

New Battle.net client concept


Before you say anything, keep in mind that this is just a concept for the BNet client so we might never hear about it again and we might never see it live. I guess there are a few more concept designs out there, but this one is from Elisabeth Sampon’s Portfolio page, and she is Read the rest »

Warcraft Movie, Trailer and release dates

Darnassus warcraft movie

I honestly expected the movie release date change. It was previously set for 11 March 2016 and now it was shifted to 10 June 2016. Based on Duncan Jones tweet this decision was made by Universal who decided that this should be a Summer movie. As for the movie trailer, I was sure it was Read the rest »

Player with 100 Max Level Characters

level up

Yeah, you didn’t read that title wrong. A player managed to get 100 characters to level 100… A while ago we wrote someone who got to level 100 without choosing neither Alliance nor Horde and now another strange achievement was announced on the official forums. The announcement was made with the character Watola, even though, with Read the rest »

Doubleagent reached level 100


This is something that was expected, but indeed it’s a great achievement. For those who do not know, Doubleagent is now the only player in the world (maybe others will follow) that reached level 100 as a neutral character. He is neither Horde nor Alliance, since he did not choose a side while playing a Read the rest »

Blizzard Store Discount Code


As you can see from the title we have a Discount Code for the acquisition of any product from the Blizzard Gear store. As far as I could see the code works for both EU and US regions and it will reduce the price of any product by 10%. Unfortunately the code only woks for Read the rest »

Infernal night-lamp made with Lego


From time to time we find something like this around the web and since we love creativity and World of Warcraft I had to mention this. Some Korean website presented an Infernal night-lamp made entirely by legos. Maybe there are some other details about this on that website but I don’t really trust google translate. Read the rest »