Infernal night-lamp made with Lego


From time to time we find something like this around the web and since we love creativity and World of Warcraft I had to mention this. Some Korean website presented an Infernal night-lamp made entirely by legos. Maybe there are some other details about this on that website but I don’t really trust google translate. Read the rest »

Wowjuju’s New Year Resolution


Hey everyone! Welcome to 2015! I know it is a bit late, but we took a break with the posts as you may have noticed. Now we are back and ready to face a new and fresh year. Like everyone, Wowjuju has some future plans as well, but before that let’s see what happened in Read the rest »

BlizzCon 2014: Warcraft Movie Presentation


Everyone was waiting for more details about Warcraft Movie and everyone was expecting some movie footage and/or trailer. Blizzard delivered, but only for those who were at the convention center. There was was nothing for us to see from the movie aside from some props and a few actors screenshots. We did looked closely to Read the rest »

Warcraft-themed McDonalds restaurants in China


A few years ago we wrote about a Warcraft and Starcraft theme park in China and now, thanks to @Gamesinasia, we see that you can even find Warcraft-themed McDonalds restaurants as well (source). This seems to be a Blizzard campaign to promote the upcoming expansion, Warlords of Draenor. The campaign starts today and lasts till Read the rest »

Robin Williams NPCs added in Warlords of Draenor


If you want to know everything about this story and why there is a Robin Williams tribute in World of Warcraft, you should read the previous article about this. Everyone start speculate what Blizzard is going to add to the game to honour this great actor. Wowhead datamined not one, but three NPCs related to Read the rest »

A tribute for Robin Williams in World of Warcraft


Everyone must have heard the news about Robin Williams’ death already… Along with this sad news Blizzard announced that they’ll bring a tribute to Robin in World of Warcraft. Since Robin Williams was a known gamer (apparently he his daughter’s name is Zelda) and a World of Warcraft player, other players start asking Blizzard of Read the rest »

Warcraft Movie Logo Revealed

Warcraft Movie Logo

Everyone is waiting for the Warcraft Movie since… forever. I honestly still hope to see a short teaser during the International Comic-Con ( July 24-27, 2014), but until then we can see how the Warcraft Movie Logo looks like: This image was published by Legendary a while ago and it’s already all over the web. Read the rest »

Invitation to Warlords of Draenor Alpha


  Thanks to Blizzard and their Community Team Wowjuju was invited to the WoD Alpha like most of the fansites out there. If you remember the older Expansions when we tested and reviewed everything for you, well, we will do the same for Warlords of Draenor. For the moment there is only one area available Read the rest »

Ben Foster talks about his character in Warcraft movie


Ben Foster talked with the guys from IGN about his character in the Warcraft movie. Last week when we head that Warcraft movie is done filming, we expected to hear more about it but now so fast. Anyhow this is great and looks like the character Ben Foster is playing is none other than Medivh. Read the rest »

Warcraft movie “officially” finished filming

Warcraft movie

Two days ago Duncan Jones, Warcraft’s movie director, announce on twitter that everything was wrapped up and the Warcraft Movie is now officially done… filming. Final day on Warcraft now officially… wrapped!! Off to bed for 3 hours before a meeting in the AM. Goodnight/good morning twitter! — Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) May 23, 2014 It Read the rest »