First look over Garrison Shipyard


If you looked over the 6.2 patch highlights or if you read the patch notes you now know that we’ll be able to build a new Garrison building in the upcoming 6.2 patch. I tested it in on the PTR and here is what I found out: The new Shipyard wont use any building slot Read the rest »

Cute But Deadly – by John Polidora


Usually, when I find some interesting WoW related artwork I save it in the wowjuju’s pinterest account, but this time I’ll make an exception and post it here as well. These character designs are made by John Polidora (NorseChowder@deviantart). He works as an Illustrator, Concept Artist, Visual Development artist, and Character Designer for Blizzard Entertainment. Read the rest »

Grimrail Depot – Dungeon preview


Grimrail Depot is a new dungeon in Warlords of Draenor. After Skyreach, this was the dungeon that I could complete without disconnects on WoD Beta realms. The entire dungeon is focused on Iron Horde and its artwork. The run was made at level 100 with a premade character and some of the trash packs were Read the rest »

Skyreach – Dungeon preview


Skyreach is the first dungeon I manage to test successfully in Beta realms without disconnects and major problems. This dungeon looks amazing. The arakkoa architecture is really one of a kind, with plenty of details and bright colors that will make you stop from time to time just to look around. The run was made Read the rest »

Talador WoD Beta Preview


Talador is an area where old Burning Crusade players will see how Shattrath City, Auchindoun and their surroundings really looked like. You can not compare the feel of Terokkar Forest with the Talador one, but if you remember that area you’ll see some similarities in Talador. This is the hope of Draenei and most of Read the rest »

Frostfire Ridge WoD Beta Preview


Right after finishing the event from Tanaan Jungle, horde players will reach Frostfire Ridge (the alliance players will go to Shadowmoon Valley). The environment is pretty harsh here. The area is filled with snow, ice and volcanic rocks.  The structures are mostly Ogers made but with a big influence from the Iron Horde. Even if Read the rest »

Tanaan Jungle WoD Beta Preview


Tanaan Jungle is the area around the Dark Portal, making this the first zone both Alliance and Horde players will step into when going to Draenor. The events and the quests introduce you the new enemies: the Iron Horde. There are also a few cut-scenes that will help you understand what’s going on behind this Read the rest »

Shadowmoon Valley WoD Beta Preview


This area is the starting zone for Alliance. Well, basically the starting zone for both factions, Alliance and Horde, is the Tanaan Jungle. That’s the area right after the new Dark Portal where players first encounter the Iron Horde, but we will talk about that area a bit later. Now, let’s focus on Shadowmoon Valley. Read the rest »

Separate Graphics Settings for Raids in WoD


  This small addition to Warlords of Draenor will make a lot of people happy. Especially those who are playing on older machines. If your computer can handle some higher graphics settings while exploring the world but you can not play properly until you lower some of the graphic setting while in a raid, then Read the rest »

Garrisons User Interface and functionality


It took us a while to start with the Garrisons previews, but we have to start somewhere, aren’t we? As you might know the current state of the Warlords of Draenor Alpha is really limited, but we could take a good look over the new garrisons feature. We will focus on the Garrisons UI at Read the rest »