Azeroth Choppers: Who’s going to win?


Episode 8 of Azeroth Choppers show is here, and with it Blizzard announces the winning bike as well. Check the video, or our poll below (results are the same) to see who won this competition. Vote the best Azeroth Chopper: Alliance vs. Horde   As you can see our poll was right as well even Read the rest »

How did Garrosh got to Draenor?


This is the question that hit me when when watching the BlizzCon 2013 Stream with some friends… So, how did Garrosh Hellscream escaped and flee to Draenor? Let’s look over some things we already witnessed We last saw Garrosh taken by the Shado-Pan after his defeat in Siege of Orgrimmar. He left the scene in Read the rest »

What do we know about Draenor?

Draenor Warcraft 3

I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now that Blizzard registered a new trademark: Warlords of Draenor. Most of the people, including myself, believe that this is the name of the future World of Warcraft expansion, but everything is going to be clear tomorrow, when BlizzCon 2013 starts. So, what do we know about this Draenor? Read the rest »

What we might see in the next WoW expansion?


We rarely speculate, but this time a lot of things added up and we are really curious if there are no real hints behind all these. We usually have no hits before the official announcement, but things may change… I speak here about the next World of Warcraft expansion. Since everyone wonders what we might Read the rest »

The Dragon Aspects Future

In the past we spoke about Deathwing and about the future Mists of Pandaria bosses, so now I think we should take a look at the Dragon Aspects, since they have been one of the key entities ever since Azeroth welcomed it’s first players. Before we start figuring it out what will become of the Read the rest »