Changes to Black Prince reputation and Sigils drop rate

Black Prince

A small patch was released for PTR today (5.4.8 build 18224) and with it we will see some changes that will affect the Legendary Cloak chain a little bit.

Gaze of the Black Prince will increase our reputation gains with 100% and the Sigils needed for the cloak quests are going to drop even faster.

It is not know how we will get that buff but most likely we will get it for alts if one of our characters already has completed the quest chain. Of course this is pure speculation and we’ll have to wait for an official answer. Maybe all characters will get this buff to allow everyone access to that awesome legendary cloak.

What do you think about this addition? You are still working to get your cloak?

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  • Entalpia

    As long as it’s for alts, it seems rather fair. Not too hyped about it anyways, getting a legendary item was meant to be a pain just to make it [item] worth being called LEGENDARY… The cloaks are everywhere, so it just doesn’t have this unique feeling of obtaining one anymore. If someone is going to increase the drop rate for these quest items for everyone, it’s going to be simply not fair for players who were grinding these for weeks (move as unfair as reducing required valor points from 6000 to 3000).