What class should I boost to level 90?


I’m pretty sure a lot of people have this question in mind when they want to use the Warlords of Draenor Level 90 Boost feature: “What class should I boost to level 90?“. If you took a break from WoW or you had no time to level up to level 90 already you ask yourself “What’s the best class?” or “What’s the perfect class for me?” or “What class should I play in World of Warcraft?“.

Class selection is pretty much based on personal tastes and play style, but I’ll try to make a short presentation of every class. Keep in mind that all classes are great and everything is well balanced, so as long as you know how would you like to play the game and what would you like to do in World of Warcraft you’ll be able to decide upon a specific class after reading this short guide.


Death Knight

This class is a bit special. It starts at level 55 (all the others start at level 1) and to create a Death Knight you’ll need at least one character at level 55 or above on your account. This is the only hero class in game, but do not expect for it to be stronger than other classes.

Except pandarens, every race can be a Death Knight. This is another big difference from the other classes, but this is affecting your character only visually because the race skills are not something to really make a difference to your game play.

Death Knights can perform as Tanks (Blood specialization) or Melee DPS (Frost or Unholy specializations). Whatever spec you are playing you’ll depend on runic power and the runes. This resource system might be a bit overwhelming if you are a new or unexperienced player.

Why should I choose a Death Knight?
  • It starts from level 55.
  • You can get to level 60 pretty fast, pick your desired professions and the boost feature will boost those professions to max as well.
  • You can use the character as DPS but you can also tank and if you want to use Looking for Dungeon/Raid feature, as a tank you’ll spend less time in the queue.
  • A Death Knight pretty great at soloing stuff and it had some great survivability abilities.
  • Any Race (except Pandarens) can be a Death Knight.
Why shouldn’t I pick a Death Knight?
  • You have to have at least one more character on your account at or above level 55.
  • The resource system might be a bit unusual for a beginner.
  • You can not use the Death Knight as a Range DPS nor as a Healer. If you want to play those roles, pick another class.



Druids are the perfect hybrid class. They can play any role and they can give you a totally different feeling with each specialization you are deciding to play with.

You can play as a Tank, as a Healer, Melee and Range DPS. Yes, you counted those right. Even if there are only four specs available for each class, druids are a little special. Druids can choose from four specs. Even is this is a great feature of this class, it wont make them any more powerful compared to the other classes.

Druids are the Shapeshift masters. Depending of your role or your necessities you can assume different forms. You can have a Cat form, a Bear form, a Moonkin form, a Tree of Life form, a Travel form, a Flight form, or a Aquatic form. All these forms are instant cast and are pretty to learn their uses.

Why should I play a Druid?
  • You have fours specs available and this class will allow you play any role you might like and you can make up your mind and switch roles whenever you like.
  • Druids can use Stealth. This is very helpful on soling content, completing quests or anything you’d like to do in stealth mode.
  • Instant Flight form is really great. Once you get used to that you’ll never want to use any other mounts.
Why Druids are not for me?
  • Not all races can play as a druid.
  • The ability of having four specs is also a downside. If you want to play them all you need more than one set of gear and gearing up a few times over is not really pretty.
  • Shapeshift may not be for you if you want to display your gear/items all the time since all the forms are not showing any items.



Hunters are a pure Range DPS class. They are focused on bows, guns, explosives, traps and pets. They do have three specializations as all the other classes (except Druids), but all those specs are focused on damage dealing.

Pets are the key part of being a hunter. The hunters will tame have to tame the right pet for the right job and you can tame up to 50 pet and keep them in your stables. The pets are not simple companions, they have their own abilities and specific uses.

Should I play a Hunter?
  • If you are into range dps and you love bows and guns them this class is for you.
  • Pets can be extremely helpful and they can help you completing your objectives without taking a single hit from your enemies.
  • Survivability is something that Hunters are really good at. Pets, traps and abilities to get you out of trouble are the key features of hunters.
  • Even if you can’t tank, the pets can tank for you.
Why hunters are not for you?
  • Hunters are pure range DPS, so if you want to play a different role you should choose another class.
  • Dealing with pets can be a bit overwhelming if you want to really get into the game.
  • All those pets and running around them all over the world require a bit of time beside learning your class abilities.



Mages are the masters of magical range damage. All their spells are based on the mage mana pool. Basically everything they do is based on mana. All their specializations are focused on frost, arcane or fire spells.

Beside dealing damage mages can conjure food and drinks, can create portals and teleport between various World locations and they are pretty good at crown controlling with their polymorph and frost spells.

Are the mages for me?
  • If you like spells and you love the casters lore then this class is perfect for you.
  • Mages are great at kiting things. Basically you can kill most of the things as long as they don’t hit you too much,  and here your slows and snares will help.
  • Traveling faster between main cities is always a great perk.
You should play as a mage if…
  • If you don’t like a glass-cannon type of class. High hitter as long as he doesn’t get hit back.
  • A lot of people will ask you to conjure food/drinks and even a lot more will ask for portals. This can become pretty annoying.
  • You are pure DPS class, you can not tank nor heal in dungeons or raids or battlegrounds.



Monks are the newest WoW class, introduced in Mists of Pandaria. They are a pretty interesting class to play with and it assume roles as Tanking, Healing or DPS. Healers, the mistweavers, are using mana as a resource; Tanks, the brewmasters, and DPS, the windwalkers, are using energy. All the specs are using chi as well.

Being the perfect hybrid class, since they can perform any game role, they allow you to make up your mind on the role you like best… even if changing your game role will require another set of items.

Why should I choose a monk?
  • Monks are a hybrid class. You can perform any role you like.
  • The monks level up faster due to their Enlightenment skill. You’ll have to obtain this buff daily though.
  • As a healer you can also help out with the group dps. No many healers can really do this properly.
Why should I play as a Monk?
  • Even if you can perform any role, you wont be a rage DPS. If you want to deal damage from afar, monks are not for you.
  • You’ll have to manage multiple resource type.



Yet another hybrid class. Paladins are the true guardians of the light and as you might expect, they do have some great flashy spells and abilities.

If you want to play as a Tank, Healer or Melee DPS then Paladins can be the right class for you. Each specialization has an unique game play and all specs can provide a big utility to the group. Paladins do have some great group buffs.

Some of the abilities require Holy Power. That’s a different resource beside the mana that is used by all the specs.

Should I level a Paladin?
  • If you want to be able to switch between different game roles then you should play a Pally.
  • If you like playing with shields and heavy plate armor then try out a paladin.
  • Survivability is also one of the main features of this class.
You shouldn’t play a Paladin if:
  • If you want to play as a range dps.
  • If you don’t like for people to ask for buffs while in groups.
  • Not many races can become a paladin, so make sure you check that first if you want a specific class.



Priest are mainly viewed as healers. Well, this is how it is in most of the games not only in World of Warcraft, but I’m telling you that they can be  some of the best range DPS as well.

All of their specs, healing or dps, are using mana so resource managing is pretty simple. They are using only light cloth armor only, so you can compare them to mages, but hey, mages cant heal… There are two healing specs but they are pretty different from each other. While Holt priests are focusing on plain healing, Discipline ones are balancing healing with avoiding and mitigation damage. The third spec is the Shadow one. This is what you’ll choose if you want to deal damage.

Are the Priests the best choice for me?
  • If you like to heal or heal range magical damage then priests are great for you.
  • They two different healing specs and, according to how game is played at the moment, one is great for PvP and the other for PvE.
  • Shadow priests can help the group with their buffs and debuffs that’s why any raid group likes to have one in their party.
Why shouldn’t you play a Priest?
  • The class is pretty squishy. You can perform your roles remarkable, but you should avoid constant hits.
  • Most of the priest will be asked to heal and switch specs. This happen with all the priest I know. This might be bothering you.
  • You can not tank nor melee DPS.



Rogues are the stealth and masters. They have a various set of abilities available only why in stealth mode. Rogues are a pure melee DPS class and that’s all hey can do, but they are doing it very good.

All specs are using energy and combo points as a resource. Basically you’ll use the energy to get combo points and use a finishing move to use them. They are always using two weapons covered in various poisons.

Are the Rogues for me?
  • Rogues will always be next to the bosses or next to their enemies. There will be a lot of action around them.
  • They can escape from most of the situations and hide in the shadows.
  • They can have very high bursts of damage.
  • Rogues are pretty easy to learn.
Why should I play as a Rogue?
  • Being in the middle of the action can sometime make you miss some deadly poison cloud or bomb, and that can kill you instantly.
  • You can only melee dps. That’s it.
  • If all your escape abilities are on cooldown you can die pretty fast.
  • Even if you learn the class pretty fast, timing everything for better damage can take a while to master.



Shamans have a pretty unique play style since their existence is linked to the totems and the elements. They can perform as a Range or Melee damage dealers or as healers. All specs are affected by the totems they are using to buff their and their group abilities.

Shamans are the master of the elements and you can consider them as one of the best utility classes. They will buff the group, heal it and help killing your enemies. They do have some great burst damage and healing is pretty interesting as well. All specs are using mana so the resource system is simple to understand.

Should I choose a Shaman?
  • Shamans are always great looking and their totems and spells are pretty flashy.
  • They use mail armor so they are not so squishy as others.
  • Shamans are amazing for groups and you’ll always find a spot in  raid.
  • The lore behind this class is huge. Most of the World of Warcraft books have a few shamans in them.
The Shamans are not for you if:
  • If you like to tank you should choose another class.
  • Everyone will call for buffs and you should watch your totems as well.
  • If you want an easy class to master you should find another.



Warlocks are the evil figures working for good. Or at least sort of working for good. We will never be sure.

They are similar to mages but they are masters of Shadow and Fire spells and most of their abilities are debuffs that will melt an enemy in time instead of direct damaging them. One of the spec is focused on shadow, one on fire and the other, Demonology, is focused on your demon form and your strong summoned minions.

Why should I choose this class?
  • The minions are great for soloing things and they work similar to hunter pets.
  • DoTs (damage over time) spells are great because you can cast them and then run around.
  • All specs are pretty balanced and you can play whatever suits you best.
  • Warlocks are have pretty good survivability.
  • You can summon a lot of unique pets to fight along side you.
Why should I play as a Warlock?
  • All the three specs are very different and it will take time to master them.
  • Not very easy to play and master a warlock.
  • You can only DPS as a Warlock. If you want to play another role, pick another class.



Warriors were always saw as THE tank class. Most of the people will see you as tank, but that’s only before they will notice your amazing DPS. While playing as a warrior, even if you are going as a DPS, you can be sure someone will ask you to tank something.

You’ll Tank with a shield and an one-handed weapon and as a DPS you can either go with dual-handed weapon single or dual-wielded. Your resource is rage and is easy to handle it.

Who should play as a Warrior?
  • Warriors are great as tanks and as melee dps as well.
  • Like rogues, Warriors are always in the middle of the battle.
  • You can wear heavy armor plate and this will keep you alive most of the time.
Why should I play as a Warrior?
  • You can not heal and you can not range dps.
  • Since there is always so much action around you you might miss some deadly thing next to you that can kill you in an instant.
  • You are a raw class. You can not use magic.
  • Warriors require pretty good gear to shine.



This presentation barely scratches the surface of each class. There is no easy way to master a class and definitely this guide is not focusing on this.

Even if this guide is for beginners you might see some words specific to game that we might not explained well enough. That’s why if you do not understand something you can check the official game guide or take a look over the wowpedia website.

I stated this at the beginning of this article, but I’d like to remind you again:

Selecting your first/new class is a personal decision. Is 100% based on your taste and experience from World of Warcraft or other RPG/MMORPG games. There is no “best” class and in World of Warcraft everything is pretty well balanced. Asking someone what class should you play is like asking them what color should you like.
Try to read about classes, watch videos, check other websites like wowinsider, for example, to see what you like or you don’t like about a class.

When I fist tried the game I choose a Paladin and my decision was made because he was wearing a shield… and I knew nothing about the other classes. After a few level I made up my mind and picked the class I still play to this day.

So do not jump on boosting a class randomly (even if you can purchase as may boosts as you like/afford). If you are completely new to the game, try to try a few classes. Even if the first levels are nothing compared to the top level game play, you can still see a part of the class feel.

Good luck everyone and let us know if you have any tips for anyone struggling to select the best class for them.

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  • Zka77

    Frost DK tanks? I lol’d.

    • http://www.wowjuju.com/ Luci

      😀 Sorry about that. We fixed it.

    • Alexandra Hackett-O’Donnell

      You don’t need a level 55 anymore either my noob as friend chose it as his 1st toon in cata

      • Stealth

        Think again, you DO need a Level 55, you’re just talking bs

        • adisri

          You do need a 55, the 1 dk/realm restriction has been removed a while ago though

    • Daniel EvilViking Sölvelid

      Frost were tanks before they changed it to blood, if I dont remember wrong? :3

      • José Gerardo Martínez Torres

        Common misconception, back in WotLK any DK spec could tank, frost seemed better suited due to damage mitigation, however blood had better self heals and unholy was better against magic bosses and aoe.

    • Labros Alexandrakis

      Well they were tanking in wrath 😛

      • awi5951

        Hell i was the off tank with my frost DK for our heroic petracide kill in wrath and that was before the buff. And i liked it better than blood because i could take hits and didnt have to worry about healing myself all the damn time. Thats why i dont tank on DK’s anymore tanks shouldnt have to worry about healing thats the damn healers job.

  • Adam Clinton

    Mistweavers use both chi and mana, if you don’t use chi as a Mistweaver then you can’t generate mana tea (unless you get the ‘chi brew’ talent at about 3rd or 4th tier I think) which is an essential part of keeping your mana up. Also, one of the spells that uses mana (enveloping mist) is an essential part of Mistweaver healing-it gives a HoT (heal over time) and improves ‘soothing mist’

    • Labros Alexandrakis

      you know what the best thing about enveloping mist? that it doesn’t use mana but chi – just a mw main

  • Bluefridgee

    still cant decide, gaaaaaah!

    • http://www.wowjuju.com/ Luci

      Let us know how would you like to play the game or what do you want to do. I’m sure we can help 😉

      • Jacob

        I would like to have a frost mage but I think it’s harder to master mage I have now lvl 53 destro warlock he’s strong but he’s so many spells, and lvl 90 enh shaman but I think that ench shaman is so poor class. Simply I wanna o PvP and kill someone without having best PvP gear in game. I wanna ranged DPS what should I choose? Thanks

  • Dinah Liu

    80% of the monk section is factually incorrect.

    “Healers, the mistweavers, are using mana as a resource; Tanks, the brewmasters, and DPS, the winwalkers, are using energy and chi.”

    and mistweavers also use chi. All monk specs use chi, the only difference is the mana/energy change.

    “The monks level up faster due to a passive skill they have.”
    This is incorrect – it is not a passive, it is a daily buff that players must manually obtain.

    “As a healer you can also help out with the group dps. No other healer can really do this properly.”
    Oh so Discipline priests don’t count as healers anymore?

    “If you want to heal damage from afar, monks are not for you.”
    That is not true. There are 2 main healing styles for mistweavers – normal healing, and fistweaving. Fistweaving is when you’re within melee range to heal, whereas normal healing CAN BE DONE FROM AFAR.

    “You’ll have to manage multiple resource type, unless you play as a healer.”

    Again, incorrect – healers use chi, therefore, just as many resource types as tanks and dps.

    This was pretty painful to read, and the fact that I, a player who has only been into WoW for a year, had to pick out and correct mistakes made by what I assume is an established WoW blog. I didn’t even stop to pick out the mistakes made with the other classes, since that would have given far too big of a headache.

    • Lets you know ur a bitch

      You are a bitch

      • Hallik

        not nice. She’s accurate, but relayed that information in a ‘bitch”-y kind of way. so Grats to ya both!

        • madethatway

          Bitchy? How do you get ‘bitchy’ from reading a comment aimed at correcting wildly inaccurate statements?

          My impression was that she was perhaps feeling a bit frustrated with this rubbish being palmed off as authoritative, but geez, folks, credit where it’s due – at least she didn’t stoop so low as to accuse anyone of being ‘bitchy’…

          @dinahliu:disqus : I’m glad you called bs on this article (in not so many words) – particularly for those reading it who may never have played WoW before. Makes me wonder where some of these self-styled gaming ‘gurus’ were educated, and whether they truly have a grasp of the English language. Seriously.

          • Dinah Liu

            Thank you :) and yeah, you managed to capture my sentiments perfectly!

          • She is being a bitch

            stop being a bitch

        • hallik is a bitch

          Nope, shes a bitch. Lets you know ur a bitch said so, BITCH

      • I yelled at Dinah Liu (tard)

        Good Job

    • Bob

      It was stated “DEAL Damage from afar” not heal. If you are going to rail away at someone, make sure you do it accurately.

      • Dinah Liu

        Again, as I replied to the person below, they edited this post and amended their mistakes after I wrote my comment~

    • Grammar Nazi

      ARE YOU AN IDIOT? re-read you fucking moron. they said all specs use chi, you comment before you read the entire thing. FUCKIN TARD!

      • Dinah Liu

        They edited their post accordingly :) I’m guessing you only saw the post recently


    I got a level 90 warrior & im thinking on a fire mage

  • bored out of my gourd

    damn anyone know which class can do a lot of damage but can take a lot of hits?

    • Hallik

      Paladin, i can hold my own in arena and im undergeared, but pally has been my only class since cata… warlocks have a lot of defensive CDs, and then there’s monks. monks are a CC, defensive, and fuck ur face kind of class. try it out!!

  • Hallik

    Ok, i want to do s good bit of DPS to wow my cousins a bit (I know I need to master my class), but i also dont want to be getting bored of doing the same rotation. i need some survivability in case we wipe, i can pull it out and clutch. I’m thinking monk, warlock or shaman. i have a 90 paladin lol. AND im going Horde, js. 😀 Any suggestions? im fine with casting and melee. no preference over the two.

  • Zanzikahn

    Want to buy proof reading and editing.. It hurt my head, seeing all these errors.. For your information, When we post articles, it is typically a good habit to re-read what you have written..

    The spelling and grammatical errors were abundant.. Unfortunately, it was my mistake in reading an article produced by someone who obviously has less than a High-school diploma.. Aside from this, I had a few laughs with such instances in the article, as when you completely forgot to put “negative” wording in your bold lettered headers..

    Even though you had lacked the ability to look over what you are posting, your summaries were not bad. As you have stated in the article, these are broad summaries that depict reasons why one would or would not select a class for an instant level 90 and are not detailed summaries of the class’ themselves.

    In conclusion, the article looks like it was written in a rush. With the lack of proof reading, I constantly questioned the reliability of the information presented. I could see the potential the article has in helping others make their decision, but was no help to me, as the mistakes had relinquished any credibility the article may have had. I will not be monitoring this comment as I am only mentioning this for the benefit of Luci’s future posts.

    • http://www.wowjuju.com/ Luci

      Thank you for you feedback. It is true there are a lot of errors and spelling mistakes. We usually have them fixed before we publish, especially the long articles, but this one was not :(

      As for the writer (me) is not about the education… The reason I write like this is because I’m not a native English speaker. I know this is not an excuse, and I know it was a mistake to post the article as it is.

      We (me especially) will try to improve and always do our best.

      Thanks a lot for your honest comment,

      • Bob

        Although I agree with the condition of the article grammatically, I don’t believe it is your fault, as mastering a second language is excessively difficult! Any co-writers or friends who speak English as their first language should be able to assist in catching the simple errors. There was nothing huge, just the small stuff. Thank you for the information!

  • Diego Fink Belingieri

    I dunno, it is a nice guide to new players, but saying rogue is an easy class is kinda wrong imho. I have all classes but pally at lv cap (I hate pallies for some reason) and hunter is the easiest class to play, hands down. In groups you just stand and steady-arcane + cooldowns.

    Rogues need to use CC to solo multiple enemies, are melee DPS with low armor in groups, etc. Also, combo points remain on enemies so swapping is hard (yeah, changed in WoD, but a lot time till it’s live).

    Not even mentioning how much easier is to PvP with a hunter, at least in BGs and world.

  • SuperGrammarNazi

    I hate to say it(not really), but the grammar in this bitch is HORRIBLE. The spelling, not so good either. I’d like to read something and not want to shoot myself please, thank you!

  • Nigel Hillyer

    Thanks for taking the time to write this. I found it very useful.

  • Riotrabbit

    I’ll take monk. I mean, they are the newest ones, fast on the battlefield and there healing are frustrating for enemies.

  • Annie Kramer

    I really liked this article it was informative and concise, I was playing World of Warcraft prior to any expansion and then again briefly prior to Mists of Pandaria but now coming back just before Warlords of Draenor I had no idea which class to play and with all the changes to the classes this is exactly what was needed!

    To all of you who are commenting on spelling/grammar.. you are reading an article for Free Online and it doesn’t even contain a bunch of useless ads, only the information as promised in the case title.. yet some of you act as if you paid to read an article of perfection, if you want to we can discuss the proper way to provide criticism to an author, then again… I am reading comments online so what am I expecting? Friendly people??