Cross-Realm mail now live!

Wow mailing

Even though the 5.4.2 patch is a minor one, there are a few changes introduced by it that are pretty interesting and one of it is a long requested one. I’m talking about Cross-realm mails!

Yeah, it’s finally possible to send mails between your characters that are on different realms. So if you still ask yourself “How can I send a heirloom over to another realm?” then you should know that this is the the patch you are now able to do so.

Mailing items to another realm has the same limitations as the mailing items between factions on the same realm. Basically you’ll be able to send only the Bind on account (BoA) items. No gold or any other type of items even if the character you are sending to is part of the same faction. I’m pretty sure this limitation is here to keep the game economy as it is.
Most of the people requested this feature to send the Heirloom items to their alts and it does exactly that.

Sending these mails are pretty simple. You have to send the emails to CharacterName-NoSpacesRealmName. So if you’d like to send something to Character Wowjuju from The Maelstrom you’ll send the email to: Wowjuju-TheMaelstrom.

The US realms received this patch yesterday and today EU players are on 5.4.2 as well.

Happy mailing!

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  • waflob

    Tried it out and it worked fine – I sent unused items from Timesink Isles across without a hitch. From horde to alliance as well.


    Glad they implemented this finally.

  • Zaknafein

    It was a great addition. Now i can help my other characters!