Current Challenge Modes, End of Season warning


We had a post about the Warlords of Draenor CMs recently and today Blizzard blasted us with more infos. They published an article today about the Current CMs End of Season. yeah, you read that right…

  • Apparently when the WoD pre-expansion patch is launched the current CMs are not going to be available anymore.
  • The achievements awarded by today’s CMs are going to become Feat of Strengths.
  • The ones who can access the current rewards are still going to access them if they qualify for them. The NPCs selling the rewards will stick around.

So, if you want the current transmog gear, the mount, title or achievements you should start focusing on them before it’s too late.

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  • Zagnaphein

    End season in CM also? Intresting. Oh well i never bothered with CM before i doubt i will now. They should scale with ur current gear in order to use ur fully skills and adapt to the new gear not Old iLevel. I Never liked the CM as content and tbh i wish they would have been removed in WoD. 1 of the things i didn’t liked in MoP