More details about the WoD Toy Box feature

Toy Box UI

We first heard about this new feature at BlizzCon 2013 and a few months ago more details were revealed to us about the Toy Box.

These days there were a few tweets about the upcoming Toy Box and we learned a few more things about it:

  • Looks like the items are not going to be added automatically to to the toy box. We will have to manually add them there. (source)
  • It’s still unknown if we will be able to recover the deleted toys. (source)
  • The entire list of items that we can add to this Toy Box is still not done. We don’t know how wearable items will work with the toy box. (source)

As far as I can see this feature is far from being finished and if you plan on cleaning your bags and bank from all those vanity but fun items, you should wait a bit more before doing that. I just hope we will see this feature in WoD and it wont be something they will give up on.

Tell us your thought about the new Toy Box feature and how would you like it to be when is done.

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  • Rev. William Barber

    i would like it…. if i already didn’t delete all my goodies to gain more bank slots.. QQ

  • Ieuan

    Dear God. I’m a toy hound, with the exception of my standard 16 slot backpack and my mining bag, I have all Royal Satchels, including my bank bags. I only have 13 available slots. It’s beyond painful. They have to fix this.