Diablo 3 – Seen by our Beta winners


When our Diablo 3 Beta Keys giveaway ended I made some promises to those who came back to Wowjuju and posted their impressions/screenshots/videos about their D3 Beta experience.

Some people came back and here Is what they bought us:

[h]Play-through videos[/h]

MisterD was the one who bought us these videos and I can say he made a pretty good job on reviewing the game and the witch doctor class. You can see his video's below and read a few of his words in this topic.


[h]In-game screenshots[/h]

Zaknafein also played the Beta and took some screenshots. You can find them on Facebook. You just have to login.


If you have some interesting videos/screenshots or personal thoughts about the Diablo 3 Beta (since there was an open beta this weekend too) add your comments below.

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  • Zaknafein

    It was an honor beeing in Beta thanks to wowjuju!

    Exceptionall site, Exceptionall giveawayzorz for an Exceptionall game!

    Ty again Lucifer!