Female Night Elf new model revealed

UPDATE: A lot of people complained about the teeth of the new Night Elf model. Looks like the early presentation was without the canine geometry. Here is how the Night Elf really looks like:

night elf new model fangs


It’s been  a while since we last saw the presentation of a race new model. This time Blizzard gave us the Female Night Elf model and I know a lot of people expected this one.

Female Night Elf new model 03 Female Night Elf new model 02 Female Night Elf new model 01

We can see it’s a big difference between the old and this new model, but let me know what do YOU think about it. Did you expect anything else?

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  • Trollsngoblins

    I’m waiting for the Trolls.
    And Blood Elves.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for Worgen and Goblins to get a little nudge, too, but much later.
    Just polishing them up a little.

    But mostly Trolls and Blood Elves. Taking a looooong time for us to see dem trolls.