First look over the Toy Box feature


A few days ago we wrote about the upcoming Toy Box, the new Warlords of Draenor ‘s feature, and yesterday we looked over it in the Alpha realms.

You can find this feature next to the Pet journal and the Mounts and here you’ll be able to keep all the vanity items you received from your Azeroth adventures. In the previous article about the Toy Box feature we said that players will have to add the items manually and the items that you lost are probably lost forever, but by the look of this User Interface I don’t think this is designed to drop items into.

Unfortunately on this premade character I had no toy to see how this feature behaves, but let’s hope soon I’ll find one while playing in Draenor.

At the moment there are only 105 items in the list and if some of them are expected to be found there, other are really not suited for this type of feature. For example we see in that list the Safari Hat. That’s a wearable item and as far as we knew those items are not designed for this.

Take a look at all those 105 items and tell us what you notice odd in there.

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  • Khal Thralkhar

    There are many things i thought would be there that are missing … piccolo of the flaming fire, timbermaw defender, barrov peasant caller I still have these things but was hoping they would no longer take up bag space.