Garrisons ArtCraft – More about Buildings Models

Garrisons Jewelcrafting v3
Garrisons Jewelcrafting v3

A wile ago Blizzard posted an ArtCraft article about Garrisons. We already wrote all we know about this new feature but we barely scratched the surface, I’m pretty sure of it.

So, beside the pretty pictures that you can see below, here are some of the highlights of the Blizzard article:

  • They started the design of the Garrison buildings with the Alliance ones.
  • Old buildings that we used to see in the old Azeroth leveling areas, like Lumber Mills and Mage Towers get their look “improved” and used in the upcoming Garrisons. The buildings wont look too familiar, don’t worry about it. They areĀ  completely remade.
  • The artists working on Garrisons really want this place to feel cozy, to feel like home.
  • Leveling your profession will affect the look of your that profession hub in your garrison as well. Basically that building will become more awesome.

What unannounced buildings would you like to see in the new Garrisons? Or maybe what other functionalities?

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