Garrisons User Interface and functionality

It took us a while to start with the Garrisons previews, but we have to start somewhere, aren’t we?

As you might know the current state of the Warlords of Draenor Alpha is really limited, but we could take a good look over the new garrisons feature. We will focus on the Garrisons UI at the moment and the basic functionality, and in the near future we will see what every building is used for and what are its bonuses.

The way you’ll access the building interface and missions interface is from your garrison’s inn. By leveling it might be possible more even more controls to be available…

The garrisons building UI

garrison_building_uiThere are three type of buildings and three type of plots were you can build them. Each building requires a blueprint for each of its level and you find those blueprints by questing or by buying them. If you want to buy those (at least at this current Alpha stage) they worth 5000 gold and require your character to have a specific level in order to buy them.

As far as I could see the two buildings I was able to build so far took about 30 seconds to be ready, but I assume each level could last more.

Garrisons missions and followers

garrison_followers_uiWhile questing you’ll get followers that can help you run missions. I couldn’t figure it out how often the missions show up in your “missions” log but all of them took 30 minutes to complete and require at least one follower to complete.

As rewards you’ll get followers experience, garrison materials, items or currency. Running these missions will help your followers to level up. Leveling up they’ll gain more abilities and get stronger. There is nothing set in stone and I couldn’t see what will happen when a follower reaches level 100, but it is known that they will be able to wear items and get an interesting arsenal of skills.

Other buildings


The only building with a new interface is the Alchemy Lab. Well, at last the only building I could build so far…

It is now clear how these Work Orders work at the moment since I had no herbalist at hand but it seems like for some of the orders your followers can help you as well.


When we’ll have access to more structures and UI parts we’ll give you more details about the Garrisons, but since the current Alpha stage is locked to level 92 and only to one area of the game this is going to be a bit hard but we wont give up.

Please let us know you you have any questions about garrisons and we’ll try to find the answers for you.

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