Garrosh Heirlooms to be removed


Looks like not only the current Challenge Modes are going to be removed in Draenor, but Garrosh’s Heirlooms are getting removed as well. Well, their drop is going to be removed, all of you who already have one or more of these weapons you can still use them in the future after WoD launch.
It sounds pretty strange to me to remove a Heirloom weapon that can help your character to level up up to level 100, but I’m sure more details will come and we’ll keep you informed. Maybe we’ll see other similar weapons for Warlords of Draenor bosses?

This was confirmed on twitter:

So if any of you are still need one of those weapons make sure you are getting them fast. Here is what’s going to be removed:

And these are only the normal versions of the weapons. You can get Flex, Normal and Heroic version depending on the difficulty you are killing Garrosh.

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