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Since you guys loved our Pet Battles Addons Recommendations, we thought of making a new compilation of addons and this time we are focusing on raids. Even though most of you will argue that there are no mandatory addons for raiding, I think everyone agrees with me that addons can make your raiding life much easier and in some cases can even save your life.

The addon-world evolved a lot and you can find thousand of addons now. Of course, only a few of them became popular and more or less mandatory for raiders. Below you will find a selection of popular addons that I would personally recommend.

Addon Control Panel

This addon is not necessarily a raiding addon, but it can save you a lot of time when you want to enable/disable some addons. You wont have to logout, deal with addons, and log back in. You can do it while playing and simply /reload your UI when you are done.

You can get the addon from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…ntrolPanel.html

Boss Mods Addons

I think most of you already know about DBM (Deadly Boss Modes). This addon gives you accurate timers for boss abilities and cooldowns, it will tell you to move out of fire, and even teach you how to spread out properly when that is required.

The only problem with it is that, when new raids are launched, not all those timers will be accurate and sometimes they won’t work at all. That's why it is better to have an alternative to DBM.

BigWigs Bossmods is one of these alternative and, for some reason, it gets updated quicker than DBM. There are even some boss encounters where it works a bit better then DBM. So if you find something missing in DBM, you could try this addon instead. Besides, I find BigWigs to have more customization compared to DBM.

Keep in mind not to use both addons at once because that can get really messy.

You can get DBM from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…lyBossMods.html

You can get BigWigs from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…gsBossmods.html

Situational Awareness Addons

If you are using the default UI, sometimes it can be really hard to spot a buff/debuff on you or someone else. Or maybe you can not see a fire because of all those spell effects and shiny textures. Well, there are some addons to help you out with these issues.

PowerAuras was the grandfather of these addons and even though PowerAuras is still working (more or less), my recommendations will be WeakAuras and GTFO.

WeakAuras is an extremely customizable addon that uses text, textures, icons, sounds and animations that are triggered by different events to let you know that something is happening or is about to happen.

For example, I use this addon for things like:

  • sound and graphic announcement when the boss is below 20% hp
  • icon in the middle of the screen and a creepy sound for specific debuffs (for example Voodoo Doll debuff at Gara’jal the Spiritbinder)
  • flashing text for missing personal buffs
  • progress lines for combo points and/or chi

If you are not familiar with these type of addons you can check the tutorials that are included in that addon.

GTFO is a simpler version of this addon, but even so I think it can be equally helpful. If you do not want to waste your time customizing a bunch of settings, this addon comes with some already built alerts for dungeons and for some of the raid encounters.

You can get WeakAuras from:



You can get GTFO from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…17996-GTFO.html

RSA – Raeli's Spell Announcer

This is a simple addon, yet very effective for your raiders coordination. It announces who interrupted whom, who ressed whom and all kinds of important announcements for your fellow raiders.

It's still not supporting Mists of Pandaria fully but it is still helpful.

You can get the addon from:


Tidy Plates

This addon replaces the default name plates to have more functionality on them. This addon is very useful for multiple targets encounter. If you are tanking you can also try the Threat Plates plugin.

You can use these plates to show you the threat you have on targets, to show you the dots you have on targets and a lot more useful info about each of your enemies and friends if needed.

You can get the addon from:


Wowinterface: http://www.wowinterf…TidyPlates.html


Ever wanted to get rid of “Not enough energy“, “Spell is not ready yet” or any other error when you were smashing your keyboard? Well, this little addon will do that for you. It will only keep the important errors by default, and you can even customize it to your personal needs. This will help you to keep your screen clean, and you can use that space for important announcements now.

You can get the addon from:


I think everyone has some other addons that they consider to be mandatory for raiding. What's your raiding addon that you couldn't live without? Any suggestion of some awesome addon would be great, so leave your thoughts below…

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  • Zaknafein

    Shadow Unit Frames is a good addition also especially on the first boss in MSV U can see the regeneration of the energy of teh boss

  • Goht

    would be more fitting into an unit frames addon news with grid, vuhdo and other uf addons zakna

  • Daniel Cox

    I found, Omen threat meter a pretty handy tool and if you are the raid leader or assist “Target Charms” is really handy.

    It will let you place floating glowy err.. charms so you dont have to craft flares to mark areas.

    It also gives you a shortcut to the normal markers (skull, x etc) and a ready button.

  • Zaknafein
    'Goht' wrote:

    would be more fitting into an unit frames addon news with grid, vuhdo and other uf addons zakna

    nahh seperate addons can do the trick also!

  • Loky

    The title says that these are the General recommended addons. Since people love addons we will continue with this kind of posts and hopefully we will cover pretty much everything 😉

    Addons for raid leaders is going to be the next article 😉