Greg Street joins Riot Games

Riot Games

A while ago we heard about Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street’s departure from Blizzard Entertainment. He was the Lead Systems Designer at Blizzard and It was one of the most known developers. He was known for class balancing, his high activity on twitter and his controversial announcements about the game.
He left Blizzard after a collaboration of almost 6 years and apparently now he is the Lead Game Designer at Riot Games. For those who do not know, Riot are the ones responsible for League of Legends.

At least for me this came as a surprise, but It was a known fact that he won’t leave the gaming industry. You can check his LinkedIn Profile if you like.

What do you think about this? Did you expect to see Ghostcrawler working on a MOBA game after so many years in MMORPGs industry?

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