Hearthstone Beta Keys Giveaway

Hearthstone beta keys giveaway

GIVEAWAY COSED! All keys were send to the winners!

Who needs a Hearthstone Beta key?! If you are here reading this I guess you are the one looking for one.

The Blizzard Community Team sent us a bunch of Hearthstone Beta keys so we set up this little giveaway. Make sure you are following Hearthstone on facebook and twitter to be up to date with the news.
Like always, we’ll keep things simple with this contest as well.

How to enter this giveaway

Basically you have four chances of winning one key. The first three chances are from us and you only have to:


The fourth chance is offered by Blizzard and all you need to do is to opt-in for beta testing on your Account Management page for a chance at Closed Beta access. You can opt-in for all the Blizzard games if you like…

The Prizes

We are giving away 200 Hearthstone Beta Keys. That means 200 contestants are going to step into Hearthstone pretty soon.

Keep in mind that as a WoW player you’ll be rewarded with a Hearthsteed mount for participating in Hearthstone Closed Beta testing.

The Rules

  • The contest is open world wide!
  • Only one entry per user is allowed. Do not create multiple accounts. We will know and disqualify you.
  • You can win only one key.
  • Winners are going to be selected randomly.
  • The winners are going to be contacted via email, so make sure you use an email you check often.
  • We reserve the right to remove entries if we feel like you’re not participating in the contest, or you’re just spamming entries to get a prize.
  • The deadline is December 13th, 2013.
  • I’ll wait 24 hours for your reply.
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  • Zaknafein

    As the greatest GRreek hearthstone player i hail WoWJuju for helping everyone to get Hearthsteed! All Hail WoWjuju!

  • Tomás Turbado

    Much giveaways and no luck D: Will be these one the last one?

  • [email protected]

    Nice, and I didn’t knew I could get mount for it!

  • Ciélio Nobrega


  • faerbit

    Thanks for doing this!

  • fleets300

    Yay hopefully I’ll get one

  • Alin Bla Bla

    i hope i win this

  • bluexmentos

    thanks for the opportunity and sharing this with us

  • pIROA

    Thank you for the giveaway so much!! Hoping this will be my last one ^_^

  • mayhemhd

    Thanks for doing this! Good luck to all. :)

  • mangister

    I’m looking forward gogo

  • rederizer

    i really want this key

  • [email protected]

    Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck to all.

  • LuddeOlsson

    Thanks for doing this I wish me and everyone else good luck in getting one! :)

  • geenpala

    Thank you for doing this I wish me and everyone else good luck in getting one!

  • Lunatite

    TY for giveaway hope i finally get a key for HS

  • Pkthebest

    Thanks for this i hope i will win a HS key Thanks again

  • wushuz

    Would love to win one

  • b3arhands

    thanks for the opportunity

  • Talonstorm

    Thank you!

  • Zethrian

    hopefully im lucky and i get a key. Thanks for doing this giveaway!!!!!

  • Corovus

    Thanks for this giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  • Cute_fluff

    you guys are awesome! :) good luck to all



  • Emil Juzovitski


  • lits

    I really want a key :(

  • ElegyVim

    many many tries, still patient though  ..

  • koskoss

    I hope i will win a HS key. Good luck !

  • shavemejeebus


  • baophu

    Hopefully i get a key this time :(

  • Brian Baek

    good luck and have fun

  • PhantomFury

    thank you for doing this….last chance I feel

  • Trevor Thompson

    I would really love a key. The mount would be nice too I’m getting close to the achievement.xx

  • [email protected]

    Thanks for doing this!   :) please give key 

  • eventual93

    that key will be mine:D

  • eventual93

    how can i check that i am in contest?

  • Milovan Markovic

    Ty for this oportunity and i hope i will get selected for that DAMN key ;) Gl to all

  • maniac

    Ok I’m in.

  • tacpc

    So much time waiting and no luck D:

  • Daniel Malko

    Wanting this /(¨3¨)/

  • KairaZ

    Thanks for the opportunity. Hope I will get a key :P

  • Michael Monihan

    How do you get notified?

  • Loky

    The giveaway is now closed. By the end of the day and even tomorrow morning you should check your email. We really hope to send all these emails asap. Please be patient.

  • Павлин Кърчев

    The giveaway is now closed. By the end of the day and even tomorrow morning you should check your email. We really hope to send all these emails asap. Please be patient.

    I did accidentlly unsuscribe for you in my email :( Can you give me the key in another email?   :(

  • Pedro Mendes

    Looks like I won one of the keys, didn’t get it yet though. :D

  • Grant Tims

    Got an Email saying I WON a key yesterday, still no reply with an actual key :(

  • Loky

    We sent the keys to all those who replied. Exactly 100 keys were sent already. Check your emails, even the spam folder!

  • mikael1212

    Since I didn’t win, feel free to send my one of those leftover keys in case someone doesn’t reply to you:)

  • Loky

    We will select other winners soon if the ones we notified already wont reply.

  • mikael1212

    I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed then;)

  • Rodrigo Ribeiro
  • dinrelyambao
  • dinrelyambao
  • Loky

    Guys, no need to post the emails here. The winners were notified by email and I’m waiting for their replies there.

  • Rodrigo Ribeiro

    Give me please Luci…


    I like so much playing cards games, just wanna try the game !


    Please man ;)

  • Churnlax

    Would love a key

  • G_Danut_C

    give me a hearthstone beta key plsss,ive been waiting for a key for like 3 months now,ive opted in and still didnt recive 1,didnt get 1 in any contest,this1 is the first im trying out,if you have 1 pls..:((((                                                            




                                                               Help me

                                  With a Key                                     any1

  • Gabriel Gagné

    I’ll try my luck! God I want a key, this game looks so fun!