Hearthstone Open Beta has begun

Hearthstone Open Beta
UPDATE: The Hearthstone Open Beta is now available in Europe as well.

Even is the open beta stage was delayed a little bit it’s finally here. So if you still haven’t try the game yet you can check the official website, download the game and the new launcher and start playing.

Keep in mind that Hearthstone is going to be a free game even when the beta stage is over. Your achievements are going to be reseted when the beta is over, but this is a great opportunity to learn and test the game.
However, if you send any real money to buy cards during the beta program, when the beta is over your money are going to remain in your account and you’ll be able to re-buy the same amount of card packs.

For the moment the Open Beta is available for US only, but in a few days the other regions will join as well.

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  • waflob


    I’ve been in the closed beta for a while, but I seem to remember reading that purchases made during the beta will remain on the account and not be cleared. I’ll see if I can dig out the forum entry, if necessary. Achievements will get reset.

  • Zaknafein

    Lucifer theya nnounced there wont be another wipe! 


    Here is Zeriyah informing us about it! But yeah achievements will prolly get reseted since they will be new tab and everything included!

  • Loky

    Someone is paying attention! I’v fixed the problem. Thanks for the heads up 😉