Heroes of the Storm – General impressions and quests

HotS Main Screen
HotS Main Screen

Let’s see what makes this new Blizzard game amazing…

The first tests are always the ones that help you like or not like a game. So even if this should be the conclusion, I really enjoyed the Heroes of the Storm. But before we start let’s make something clear about the Alpha stage of this game.

How to get an Alpha/Beta key?

Short answer, you can’t. If you see some click here to get a key or something like that, is a big hoax. There are no Alpha/Beta keys available yet. Blizzard is flagging the accounts manually. Do not fall for any scam. There are no alpha/beta keys giveaways nor alpha/beta keys generators.

General impressions

Even if I’m not really a player of MOBA games like League or Legends or DOTA, I have played those game a little bit in the past to be able to compare Heroes of the Storm with them.

Right from the start you’ll be able to play a short tutorial that explains you the basics of the game. You can skip it if you like and you can also replay it later. After that you’ll see the game main screen where you can:

  • Play the game – Standard game (Practice, Cooperative, Versus), Custom Games (not yet available), Ranked (again, not available in Alpha)
  • Shop – Heroes (23 heroes available at the moment), Skins (26 skins at the moment), Mounts (5 available)
  • Watch – not available in Alpha
  • Options – similar interface to the Starcraft 2 options at the moment
  • See your progress – for the moment it’s only till level 20, and by reaching certain levels you’ll be able to:
    • Level 1: You can access quests
    • Level 2: Cooperative mode becomes available
    • Level 3: Versus mode is playable
    • Level 4: You get 2000 gold
    • Level 6: You can complete Daily quests
    • Level 7: You get a free-to-play hero
    • Level 8: You can use hero talents
    • Level 10: You can do hero quests
    • Level 20: Epic hero quests become available

Basically the main screen tell you everything about your account and allows you to buy heroes, check your progress, check the available quests, chat and everything you’d like between matches. For the moment I have no idea if level 20 is the max level or if you can progress after that as well, but I’m pretty sure we’ll find out soon enough. I’m only level 10…
Of course, I’m talking here about the account level not hero level. We will talk about that a bit later.

The game looks amazing! Evey graphical detail is awesome. The maps, the environment, the heroes, the spells, the NPCs… everything looks very detailed and well done.

Well, the mounts look a bit fat in my opinion, but I hope that after hours and hours of riding they’ll get into shape :)

Quests Panel
Quests Panel

Quests – Daily and Hero quests

The questing system is pretty cool and this is where you’ll get most of your account experience. Of course this is where you’ll get your gold from as well, at lest for the moment. Gold is only used to buy heroes and in the current Alpha it has no other use.

We have for type of quests at the moment:

  • Starting Quests (Available at level 1)
    • You get to do these only once per account. You get to complete quests like: Play a Practice Game, Win a game in any mode, Capture 2 Mercenary Camps… There are about 6 quests like these and they reward some great experience. You’ll complete them without knowing. These quest do not reward any gold.
  • Daily Quests (Available at level 6)
    • These quests reward 300-600 gold and 50k-100k experience. You’ll get 1 quest pr day to complete and the quests are like: Win 2 games as a Support, Capture 10 Watch Towers, Win a game with each Hero role…
  • Hero Quests (Available at level 10)
    • Each hero has 3 quests available and you can complete them only once. Usually you’ll be asked to use a certain ability for a number of times or win a number of games.
  • Epic Hero Quests (Available at level 20)
    • These are similar to Hero Quests but the requests are bigger. Basically these will take a wile to complete.

Most likely we’ll see more quests added in the future. For the moment they are pretty cool and you can compare them with the ones from Hearthstone.

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  • Zagnaphein

    I will do seperate questions for each article so you wont need to swap articles (if that’s ok with you) Question related here. How smooth the game was? Does it require a Rly SUPER PC to be sure to play in the maximum graphics or a decent pc can work out on it to play on Ultra like WoW?

    • http://www.wowjuju.com/ Luci

      I’ll try the game on my old PC. I tested everything on Ultra at the moment and it went pretty smooth.
      Will let you know 😀

      • Zagnaphein

        Good we need to know if newcommers with crappy pc can handle themselves! How much FPS you had? And what screen you use as max resolutions? Also will WoWjuju be hugged by Blizzard on this project and share some keys to the low ones?