Heroes of the Storm – Maps and objectives

HotS Battlegound
HotS Battlegound

Let’s talk about Heroes of the Storm maps, or battleground, whatever you may call them, since these are playing an extremely important role in the game and you’ll soon understand why.


At the moment there are four different maps available and all four are extremely unique. Beside the “destroy enemy’s base to win” concept, every map has an unique objective that can hep you win the game, aka. destroy the enemy base, by controlling the map.¬† The maps are the feature that I really enjoy the most, and here is why.

Blackheart’s Bay

This is a big pirate harbor where you have to collect doubloons and the pirate lord, Blackheart. After collecting 10/12/14/18 doubloons the pirate’s cursed ship will open fire against the enemy structure. The pirates will help those who play first, and to do so, you have to collect the¬†doubloons from pirate camps, chests or other players who have looted the doubloons.

To pay that gold you’ll have to channel a spell. You can be interrupted and usually you’ll see a huge showdown around the pirate lord. The ship will do huge amount of damage against the enemy structures for a a few seconds, so you really don’t like your enemy to use it.

Cursed Hollow

The objective of this map is to collect three tributes to cast a curse on the enemy minions and forts. Those tributes spawn around the map and you have to channel them in order to collect them. You’ll notice the spawn of those things on the minimap and also you’ll hear a sound emote.

That curse will reduce the enemy minions to 1hp and enemy structures will become inactive for the period the curse is active.

Dragon Shire

Here all you have to do is to control two shires and channel a big statue in the middle of the map. You can only channel that statue when both shires are own by your team and if you succeed with that channeling you’ll posses a Dragon hero.

That hero has its unique skills and if it’s also helped by your team it can change the course of battle extremely fast. After the dragon “expires” your hero will replace it, so don’t lead the dragon hero in the middle of enemy base.

Haunted Mines

The objective here is to control the grave golems. Once in a while mines will become active (underground section of the map) and those maps will be filled with undead groups and a big golem in the middle. Those undeads and that golem drop some skulls when they are killed. There are 100 skulls in total. When all those skulls are collected a big golem is summoned on the surface. One golem for each team.

The strength of that golem is dictated by the number of collected skulls your team has. So you really want to collect as many skulls as you can, because the summoned golems are really strong.

Maps conclusion

As you can see, each map is pretty unique and controlling the main objective is really important. I said main objective because all the maps have some optional objectives as well.

There are camps all over the map with neutral mercenaries. You can attack them and if you defeat them they’ll offer their service to your team and attack the enemy base. These mercenaries have different levels and they are really efficient and good to have on your side.

Most maps have Watch Towers as well. These structures, when captured, offer that team a wide area view of a region, so you can see what’s going on there while looking at the minimap.

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  • Zagnaphein

    Do you think people might use the system like the Arcade Version in Starcraft? Is there any Custom mode version for players to play custom matches?

    • http://www.wowjuju.com/ Luci

      There is a custom mode, but is not available in Alpha yet.

  • skippy

    This is interesting. I had no idea the battlegrounds are so different and contribute so much to the game. Are there any other maps planned? Can you select the map at the beginning of the fight?

    • http://www.wowjuju.com/ Luci

      At the moment you can not select the map, but we still know nothing about the Custom Games. I’m pretty sure there you can pick the map you want.