Both Horde and Alliance Choppers to be available


A few days ago it was announced by Blizzard that the Horde Chopper, the winning chopper from the Azeroth Choppers web-show, is going to be available for players if they log in to the game between now and September 30, 2014.

A while ago another announcement came where we found out that the Alliance Chopper is going to be available as well under the same conditions.

At first it was announced that only the winning chopper will be introduced in game, but I can not say that this is a big surprise for me… Anyhow, both factions should be happy now. Starting with Warlords of Draenor both Alliance and Horde will have a kick-ass chopper to ride on.

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  • sozue

    So fucking gay. Horde won.. GIVE ME ALL MY MONEY BACK 😉

    • piet

      why money back your not paying for the mount you only need to login once, and you paying for the game again not the mount it self

  • gondiathorn

    why cant they at least make it so the alliance bike costs gold or u have to complete and achievement because they lost but that way it still shows the horde won?

    • Athenion

      According to MMO champion you do have to buy the Alliance bike with gold.

  • Philip

    FUCK!! Horde won that shit fair and square.

  • David Raines

    ok stop bitching about it u have to look at it like this is they give the horde one they have to get the alliance the bike to because they would lose a lot of people if they only gave it to one side ty