How to gear your characters faster – Timeless Isle way

If you are planning on coming back to World of Warcraft and end the Garrosh’s injustice, then this is the perfect moment for you. The same goes for your undergeared alts. With the patch 5.4 now live and the addition of the Timeless Isle we now have the fastest way to gear up and increase our iLevel.
So if you are asking yourself how to gear up your character faster or how to find better items for your alts, then this guide is for you. The same goes if you just came back to WoW and you want to catch up the other players as soon as possible.

Timeless Isle

How to get to Timeless Isle

Getting to the new Isle is pretty simple. All you have to do is to get to level 90, go to Pandaria, get into the Vale of the Eternal Blossoms to the Seat of Knowledge and meet Chromie. A quest will be added to your quest log when you get into the Vale, so you’ll know exactly where to go. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be able to fly in Pandaria and this will cost you around 2500 gold.

After speaking with Chromie you’ll be able to teleport to the Timeless Isle. Once there you can grab the flight point there and start the quests. Keeps in mind that this is a no flying area.

What gear items can you get

All classes have can get a full set of gear here. Thanks to Wowhead filters here is the complete list of items. All those tokens are Bind on your Account, so you can send them to any of your alts if needed. Note that if you are farming them with a cloth user, most of the items that will drop for you are going to be cloth ones.
Each class will be able to get: Chest, Boots, Gloves, Helm, Leggings, Shoulders, Belt, Cloak, Necklace, two Rings and a Trinket. Of course, there are weapons available as well, sold by Mistweaver Ai.
Burden of Eternity can upgrade one of the token you have to a iLeve 535 gear piece. Note that you have to use this item on a token, not on a piece of gear.

How can you get those items

Those items can drop from any mob on the Isle. Depending of the quality of the mob (normal, elite, rare, rare elite) the drop chance will increase. The spawn rate of rare and rare elite mobs is pretty high but you have to know where to find them, right? Well have a little map for you.

Timeless Isle rare spawn points

Note that to be ale to loot those rare mobs you only should participate to the kill. You don’t have to be in any group or raid. The only think you should be careful of if to be sure that your faction, alliance or horde, is the one who tagged the mob.
Beside the rare mobs marked on the map, there are also a few of them that may spawn anywhere on the island, but since all the rare mobs are marked on the minimap when they are close to you, it will be easy to spot them.

Another source of those tokens are the chests hidden all around the Isle. There are lots of them. Some are easy to get to and other require a little bit of work. We have the same map but this time we added the chests location to it.

Timeless Isle chests spawn points

The chests can be looted only once per character, and there is a quest asking you to find one of them. So make sure you don’t open them all before completing that quest. It doesn’t mater what chest are you opening for that quest.
The map contains:

  • Normal chests – you can always loot coins from them and if you are lucky gear tokens as well
  • Hard to get chests – same as normal ones but they are well protected or placed on higher ground
  • Daily chests – these respawn daily
  • Weekly chests – you can loot them once a week
  • Ultimate chests – these contain the best of loot

The Timeless Coins
Beside the items in those chests and by looting the Isle mobs, you will always get Timeless Coins, the new currency of the Isle. You can use those coins for getting gear tokens.
First of all, you should start the quest chain right after you get to the Isle. You’ll have some pretty good rewards by questing. There are also a few daily quests available, all of them rewarding you Timeless Coins.

You can use the coins at Mistweaver Ai to buy your gear tokens or a weapon (weapons are not cheap though), or you can gamble those coins if you wish. Kukuru’s Cache Key is sold by Master Kukuru. His cave is filled with locked chests. You can buy one key for 500 coins and you’ll have the chance of getting more coins, gear tokens or even Burden of Eternity. Burden of Eternitys can drop from Rare mobs as well if you are lucky enough.

If you have nothing to do with your Valor Points, you can exchange those VP to Timeless Coins by buying the Pouch of Timeless Coins. 500VP for 3500 Coins is a great deal if you have nothing to do with those Valor Points.


Some of you might think that running dungeons and early raids if going to be faster to gather better items, but iLevel 496 items are a big plus if you are behind with the gear.
Of course, raiding will help as well, but make sure you prepare your bonus roll tokens as well:

  • Elder Charm of Good Fortune – the Isle of Thunder is the best place to farm them. These are needed for the Mogu’shan Vaults (raid requires 460 iLvl), Terrace of Endless Spring (raid requires 470 iLvl) and Heart of Fear (raid requires 470 iLvl).
  • Mogu Rune of Fate – the best place to get them is by buying them with 1000 Timeless Coins from Mistweaver Ai. These are needed for Throne of Thunder (raid requires 480 iLvl).
  • Warforged Seal – you can get only 3 of them per week from Warforged Seals / Warforged Seals quest. Used for bonus rolls in Siege of Orgrimmar (raid requires 496 iLvl).

Therefor, a complete set of gear gathered from the Timeless Isle, plus the weapon (even one from an older raid), plus a piece of gear upgraded with Burden of Eternity, should allow you to enter the new Siege of Orgrimmar LFR.

If you have any more interesting ideas on how you can gear up your character fast in the 5.4 patch, let us know in the comments below.

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  • herbivore

    If you’ve completed Chromie’s quest, gone to Timeless Isle, and returned to the Mainland before grabbing the flight point, you can still return. Just start flying at the island farthest southeast of Pandarea–the southeast corner of The Jade Forest–and fly southeast toward the Timeless Isle.


    Ignore the “Fatigue” warning bar, but be sure to fly low or land your mount when you reach the coastline of the Timeless Isle, because if you are flying, your mount is going to disappear and you will fall to the ground!


    It might even be possible for a level 90 to fly to the Timeless Isle without completing Chromie’s quest first, but I don’t know, because I didn’t try that.

  • waflob

    I actually laughed when the first chest I opened contained an epic 496 item. The term ‘welfare epics’ was never more appropriate. I’m not complaining though – I’ve been sending items to all sorts of alts, getting them geared up to do better raids.


    2 small tips if you no longer need the items


    1. If you have an enchanter, the created items can be DE’ed for materials – this only works if the armour type is the same as that usable by the enchanter char.

    2. if you don’t have an enchanter with the correct armour type, don’t sell the blank for 5g – create an item and sell for upwards of 16g


    btw – great maps – many thanks !

  • waflob

    Looks like Blizz nerfed the droprate – either that, or lots of people are having a long unlucky streak.

  • Random Castagna

    they had to have nerfed it. NOTHING is dropping.

  • Helvetika

    Most of the chests are really easy to get (except the one that you get from that stupid rope walk. Must have fallen off that thing like 6 or 7 times before I figured out an easy way of doing it. Someone suggested using click to move to get down to each rope :P). At first I had mixed feelings about being handed almost a full set of 496 gear for my alt, but it is really helpful. I pre-purchased Warlords and got my boosted shammy to 492 in no time and I still have a few more chests to open.