How to get green fire for your warlock

This guide is outdated. Check the updated green fire guide.

I guess everyone knows by now that 5.2 patch will finally bring the green fire warlock quest. If you didn’t know about it, well, you do now.

This quest is a warlock class specific quest and if you decide to complete it, you’ll learn a new passive skill, The Codex of Xerrath, and that spell will change your fire spells into fel fire. That’s right, your fire spells are going to be green now.

I will try to explain everything, but I’ll be careful not to spoil your fun.

How do you start that quest

To start the green-fire quest, you’ll have to be lucky basically. Every mob from the Isle of the Thunder, including the rare ones, has a chance of dropping the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion. I don’t know the actual chances of that Tome to drop, but if you put your mind into it it will drop eventually.

Basically this is the hardest part, to actually get that Sealed Tome, after that it’s all about patience.



The quest chain

Since that Tome it’s yours now, you’ll have to unlock it with one of your Healthstones.

Now you are the happy owner of the Codex of Xerrath, but you can’t read it. Here is where your minions will help you. Try summoning one and ask them what they know about that Codex. (Hint: felhunter/observer is a pretty smart demon).

You’ll be sent to your capital city, Orgrimmar or Stormwind, to seek help from your Warlock Trainer. He will give you a Journal and ask you to search for some long lost Soulstones.

Of course, since the Legion is involved in this, you’ll have to go to Outland. The soulstones you are looking for are located in:

  • Hellfire Peninsula (62,37)
  • Netherstorm (53,21)
  • Blade’s Edge (77,31)
  • Shadowmoon (43,45)

The fun begins here. You’ll be sent to the entrance of Black Temple, and after that you’ll start a solo scenario within the Black Temple.



The Black Temple Scenario

This is a solo scenario, for warlocks only, and it has 8 stages. Most of the scenario you’ll have to dodge some guards, find and talk to Akama, collect treasures and defeat a final boss.

At first I wanted to fraps everything, but the video was too long. It takes a while to complete the scenario.

Since a picture is 1000 words, and a video even more, the interesting stages of the scenario can be found in the video below. Unfortunately, the final phase where you have to defeat Kanrethad, seems to be a bit bugged and I really hope that he wont have 31.4 million hp when 5.2 goes live.

Sooooo, happy watching!

Switch the green fire on and off

It was told already that we will be able to switch the fel fire on and off and I’m here to tell you how you can do that.

After completing the scenario, the Kanrethad demon, that you just defeated, was banished and held next to the Altar of Damnation in Shadowmoon Valley. There you can unlearn your passive skill, The Codex of Xerrath, or learn it again by clicking on the demon when you want it back.




It’s pretty nice to see that the class quests coming back into the game. I also like the way you are starting the quest. I don’t think you’d like to see every warlock with fel fire now.

Unfortunately the story inside Black Temple seems to be unfinished now, on PTR, and I feel like I ditched Akama in there after he trusted me.

The final phase of the scenario seems to be a bit bugged, and if you watched the video, you’ll know what I mean here. Of course, this is just PTR and I don’t mind it really.

I really hope I’ll see more class quests in future patches. It’s really nice to have something else to do with every alt of yours.

Let us know what you think about this. Can you compare this quest with the old class quests? Are you going to farm for the Tome and complete it yourself?

This guide is outdated. Check the updated green fire guide.
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  • VariantXer0

    It is good to see them bringing class quests back, hopefully we’ll see more of this sort of thing in future patches. It’s also good to see them bringing Outland back into the game. BC was my favorite expansion, so I have a lot of fond memories from Outland.