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There were a few Warlords of Draenor interviews lately and we found out a few more details about the upcoming WoW expansion. Like we usually do, we will highlight the most important parts of these interviews.

Ion Hazzikostas interviews

Ion Hazzikostas, Lead Encounter Designer for World of Warcraft, was interviewed by,, and

  • Blackhand is the final boss of 6.0 patch.
  • We will fight all the warlords. Some of them are in dungeons and some are in the raids. There is no pattern.
  • The Iron Horde is the main enemy but we will face Ogers, the new Arakkoas and other Draenor specific mobs.
  • Current plan is to have three world bosses available after the game is released, though they will not be released all at once.
  • You’ll be able to queue for LFR with the Normal Dungeons gear.
  • LFR wont be available right from the beginning and it will open in time, wing by wing.
  • It will be a daily CM quest rewarding some epic items, same iLevel as LFR items. You’ll to get Bronze for that CM to receive the item.
  • Ashran (the end game pvp area) will be available only for the players from the same realm. These are the current plans at least.
  • There is a possibility that in the future Mounts models to be updated as well.
  • We might see new bonus bosses like Ra-den.
  • A surprise awaits us while facing two of the 6.0 bosses in mythical mode difficulty.
  • Silver Medal in Proving Grounds might become a requirement for queuing for LFD and LFR.
  • There are going to be scenarios for characters that use the Level 90 Boost feature to help them learn their boosted class.
  • Blizzard is hoping to make raids less linear in Warlords.
  • With the new raiding system it will be easier to tell who’s the best PvE guild since the mythical difficulty will require 20 players.
  • The Highmaul is the first raid to be opened and it will have 7 bosses. The Blackrock Foundry is the second one and it has 10 bosses.
  • All the bosses are going the be available when the raid opens, except for the LFR.
  • We should expect more Lei Shen-like bosses.
  • Healers should expect more interesting mechanics for them in raids.
  • Garrosh will be in the expansion but it’s unlikely players will fight him again.

UPDATE: interview

  • We might have an ally in Gul’dan against the Iron Horde.
  • There is still no brown skin plans for Orcs at the moment.
  • WoD will have both Normal and Heroic dungeons at Level 100. Heroic dungeons will feel mode difficult once more.
  • LFR will be balanced around players having gear from higher difficulties.
  • Highmaul will be: like Firelands, open outdoor area, optional bosses and non-linear.
  • Blackrock Foundry will look like ICC: three wings, three bosses at the end and after killing those we’ll have access to Blackhand (the final boss).


Brian Holinka interview

Brian Holinka was interviewed at the Korean Press Tour.

  • We might see some Garrison PvP after 6.0. Garrisons are going to be “updated” after the initial release.
  • We might see a lot more scenarios.
  • There is a possibility to see Garrisons and Pet Battles on mobiles, but nothing is planned yet.
  • Newer gear will be higher texture quality to match the new character models. The older gear wont change.
  • There are already people working on 7.0 and 8.0, aiming for a quicker pace and shorter gaps.
  • There are no current plans to reduce the file size of WoW installs, but it’s something that could be considered.
  • WoD is on schedule but there is nothing sure when Beta will come out.

Beside these interviews there were a lot of screenshots and videos made by those who were invited to test the new expansion. Here are just a few of them:

I’m pretty sure we will see a few more interviews in the following days. If that happens we will update this article accordingly.

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  • Zagnaphein

    So Blackhand and Nerzhul are going down in the first patch? Seems intresting!