Level 90 boost available… or not

Image courtesy of wowinsider.com
Image courtesy of wowinsider.com

UPDATE: Seems like this was just an unwanted bug. The Character boost will not be available yet.

The servers are now up on US and the new 5.4.7 patch is now available. With it Blizzard introduced the Level 90 boost as well.

This feature was available on PTR and we were not aware of its price, but now everything is revealed. The boost is $60 and we might see it around 55€ for EU realms.

We already told you about this, but just in case you missed it… Those whom are going to buy the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor, are going to get one free boost as well.

You might ask yourself “How is the Level 90 Boost is going to work?“, well, it’s pretty simple. You can use it on any character that’s below level 90 and yes, you can use it on level 1 characters as well.

Now tell us what do you think about this unexpected, I’d say, addition for this patch?

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  • skippy

    I’m pretty sure a lot of people will start blaming Blizzard on this… Heh. Keep in in that WoD will have a new max level: level 100. I’m pretty sure that someone who buys a boost like this wont take away your realm first level 100 feat of strength.

    • Zagnaphein

      Nice meeting you here Skippy! And yeah it was a funny *Bug*

      • skippy

        I’ll always be here. Hope I’ll be able to rewrite my old guides as well. Luci, do you still have them?