Level 90 purchase in WoD?

Boost to level 90
An article was posted on the WoW official website about a few changes regarding Warlords of Draenor.

First of all, we read that we will soon be able to pre-purchase the game. We don’t know the price of it yet but looks like we will be able to get the normal digital copy, deluxe one and the physical packages are going to be available as well.

Blizzard reminds us that we will be able to free boost one of our characters to level 90. We already knew that and we debate the matter during the BlizzCon 2013.

What we did not know and honestly I don’t think any of us expected this, is that we we might be able to purchase a character upgrade (buyable level 90 characters). I assume that will be some sort of microtransaction, but looks like there are already a bunch of negative reactions concerning this matter.

Here is what Blizzard replied on this:


At BlizzCon a lot of people brought up their intent to just buy multiple copies of the expansion to get multiple boosts. It was always going to be possible, and if that’s something people would like to do we’d rather their experience not be opening new accounts and paying for character transfers just to get additional boosts.


You’re applying ideals on a near-infinite number of people and situations. For someone who stopped playing in Cataclysm but is pumped for Warlords, is it important to make them see the Mists of Pandaria quests? I don’t know, but maybe that’s up to them, and if they don’t care we can allow them to get to the content they do care about. I don’t see that as a negative if it means they don’t start leveling in Mists of Pandaria, get bored, and never make it.

I’m curious where this is going. I’m pretty sure our feedback is will help Blizzard make the best decision.

Since this is an important change, how do you feel about it?

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  • waflob

    I think this option will appeal to 2 sorts of people.


    1. The altoholic who has already levelled each class and wants to play on another server and doesn’t want to level a new char or transfer to that server.


    2. The noobs who believe that end-game is everything and want to get there asap.


    In case 1, I see no real issue – they know the game, how to play and are ‘just’ saving time.

    For case 2, I see huge potential for frustration. Imagine trying to do LFR with 24 of these players – the fail is unavoidable.


    I guess only time will tell, but it could well replace the ebay chars 😉

    • B Jones

      I see a couple of problems with case 2, as you put it. First, LFR is currently for max level characters and does have an iLevel requirement for certain raids (undergeared noobs can’t qeue for end-game content). The possibility of qeueing a high level LFR with 24 bought 90s who haven’t spent at least some learning time is low. Lower level LFR groups already have noob players and always will, since they have to in order to earn gear that is better than Timeless Isle stuff.

      Second, when was the last time you did an LFR or qeued for random heroics and didn’t get stuck with some random idiot, elitist know-it-all, or just plain fail player?

      Something all the anti-buy peeps seem to forget, this may not be available until after WoD launches. This means, people will not be buying completely maxed out characters, just bypassing the first 90 levels and they will have 10 new levels to learn their class, which tend to be the most important levels when learning how to play your class. And if it does launch before WoD, so what? No one who isn’t serious about staying in the game for a while is going to pay for a premade character without knowing if they even like the game yet.

  • Zaknafein

    I dont know.. it’s a way more legit way then ebay and it gives money to Blizzard  that could keep it going on. I dislike this kind of stuff but if it keeps the game off the F2P chart i am fine.


    And also as long as you keep urself away from LFR (since there is no value to it and u will prolly end up going with ur guildies there) you are fine.