MoP Beta – New UI elements and changes

A lot of new Interface changes are waiting for us in Mists of Pandaria. More will come, I'm sure of it, but until then here are some of the new UI elements introduced until now on MoP Beta.

[h]“Little” Achievements[/h]


From now on, whenever you are finishing a part of a bigger achievement, you'll get a nice popup notifying you about your progress. You don't have to always track your achievements and always view the achievements window to check those little green check marks…

[h]Spell Book[/h]

sml_gallery_2_17_329336.png sml_gallery_2_17_649259.png sml_gallery_2_17_393541.png

The Spellbook was changed a lot. Now you always will have those four tabs: one for your basic abilities, one for your current spec spells and the other two, inactive, where you can check the spells you could have if you respec or switch specs.

If you look below, you'll see a few more tabs too. The Core Abilities consists in the abilities you will use for sure (some kind of mandatory abilities) if you are using X spec.

The last tab, the What has changed? one, has a few lines with the class changes. There you'll find the changes that affect your class after each expansion and, maybe, each patch.

[h]Companions and Mounts[/h]
sml_gallery_2_17_355245.png sml_gallery_2_17_4819.png

We already spoke a little bit about these changes, especially about the companion pets, when we spoke about the Pet Battle System and Pet Journal.

Now, we have account wide mounts and pets, and it's normal to have a new interface for both. There is also a button for this new UI in the mini menu.

[h]Dungeon Journal Upgrade[/h]

The dungeon journal was finally upgraded and it contains all the old dungeons from all the old expansions. The old raids are still missing, but I'm sure Blizzard will add them before the release of MoP.

[h]Dungeon Queue UI[/h]

The dungeon queue window, the one it pops up when you can enter a dungeon, was upgraded a little bit. I expect to see this changes for Raids queue popup too. The a look at the image above to see how it looks now.

[h]New popularity/reputation bar[/h]

I honestly do not know for sure how this bar will work, but you can find it when you are doing those daily quests on the farms on the Valley of the Four Winds. We will know more about this when the quests are going to become available, and that's at level 90 I think.

Till then, the bar seems to be like a big reputation bar, from neutral to fully exalted, 42999 reputation.

[h]Upgrade your game notice[/h]

This screen will popup, when the MoP is launched and if your account is not upgraded yet.

[h]Dungeon Finder[/h]

One screen to rule them all! Now, you'll find everything in your dungeon finder window. Dungeons, Raids, Scenarios and Challenges. The Challenges tab is not working at the moment and it has it's own look. We will talk about it when it becomes available.

[h]Help Bubbles[/h]

Most of the interface windows allow you to toggle their help bubbles. I think this is pretty neat for the new players and for the new UI elements.

[h]Loot Rolls Monitor[/h]

Those who are using the XLoot addon already know what this tracker/monitor is all about. Basically you can track every item and every roll for it while in a group.

[h]Specialization and Talents[/h]
sml_gallery_2_17_272611.png sml_gallery_2_17_154607.png sml_gallery_2_17_122383.png

This is an expected change, since we already knew since BlizzCon 2010 how the new talent trees will look like. We have a completely new Spec, Talents and Glyphs UI. The images will speak for themselves.

Now I wonder, did I miss anything? Anything that's available? Because we still have to wait a few more builds to have a Black market, Challenges, Scenarios and PvP UI working.

Even so, what do you think about these changes?

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  • Magisteri

    Looks promesing tbh :)

    Like the new roll system, and the mount window too.

  • Goht

    the new added stuff looks really cool, but it doesnt fit that much with the old gray background maybe they will change this someday too, to a more modern ui design/graphics

  • Mythunden

    This is getting ridiculous, they are literally telling people how to play now. Part of the fun of the game was to figure out what you had to do to get top dps, including gear, quests, rotations, builds, ect. Now they have sucked every ounce of fun out of it by spelling everything out for you, I mean “Cast when you have nothing else to cast” come on, where is the fun in that.

  • skippy

    Hmmm… Why there is no search for mounts? The pets have that, why not the mounts?